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CoinOPS reignite


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It will be CoinOPS reignite R1 R2 R3...... from now on


Total Settings revamp


New Hot and Classic games


Extra tiding


From now on if people want to know about Tdata Udata or video support or music support or commandline support or hidden settings (now gone in reingite) etc tell the to use reignite it has everything...that stuff varied alot in ignite build to build




----------------------- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS -----------------------


Q - How do I scan my games

A - Press START on the games selection page and select Scan All Your Games

Note - Advanced Settings needs to be ENABLED in the settings page


Q - How do I exit a game

A - Press START+BACK while playing a game this will take you back to the games selection page


Q - How do I enable Autofire

A - Left Thumb Button - Enable Semi-Automatic fire

Right Thumb Button - Enable Autofire ( Pressing fire can charge your weapons )

BACK - Quickly Disable Autofire


Q - How do I access Settings

A - Press START on the games selection page and select Settings


Q - How do I adjust the screensize.

A - Press START on the games selection page and select Screen Size Adjustment


Q - How do I add videos

A - The videos must be XMV XBOX format you will need to google this


Q - When I setup the More Games location the games dont show in the list

A - Press START on the games selection page and select Scan All Your Games this will add the new games folder


Q - I cant see the Catagories of my games what do I do

A - Press START on the games selection page and select Scan All Your Games this is sometimes required after a fresh start


Q - How do I take a screenshot

A - While playing a games press BACK + A + B


Q - How do I change my default keymap

A - ENABLE advanced settings and ENABLE Remap Default Gamepad ( This is the the Advanced Settings Tab)

Then when playing a game press BACK + WHITE and select Remap Gamepad


Note - If you have a cusom key map for this game it will override the default keymap. The custom keymaps

are located in CoinOPS\cfg\ folder and if you wish to change the keys delete the custom maps ive done.


----------------------- FILES THAT CAN BE ADJUSTED BY YOU -----------------------


CoinOPS\general\catver.xml - This sets the Catagories of your games (eg 1v1 Fighter or Shooter etc)

This requires you to Scan All Your Games

CoinOPS\general\romstatus.xml - This allows you to alter what games will be classics or hot, no sound etc.

This requires you to Scan All Your Games

CoinOPS\vm.txt - This automatically adjust the virtual memory for those games in Low Def

CoinOPS\vmhidef.txt - This automatically adjust the virtual memory for those games in Hi Def

CoinOPS\general\cheat.dat - The cheats file this can be updated

CoinOPS\backgroundmusic\All files - All the background music in WMA format


----------------------- IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------


BACK - Insert Credit

START - Play Game

BACK and START - Go back to GAME Selection


A - Button 1 ( Normally Fire )

B - Button 2 ( Normally Jump )

X - Button 3

Y - Button 4

Left Trigger - Rotate Gun or Brake

Right Trigger - Rotate Gun or Accelerate


BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Keys or Cheat


Left Thumb Button - Enable Semi-Automatic fire

Right Thumb Button - Enable Autofire ( Pressing fire can charge your weapons )

BACK - Quickly Disable Autofire


----------------------- GAME SELECTION CONTROLS -----------------------


WHITE - Favorite / Average GAME switch ( Favorite game shows as GOLD colour )

BLACK - All / Favorite GAMES switch ( Shows all GAMES or GOLD Games )


Gamepad Left - Jump up for fast finding a GAME

Gamepad Right - Jump down for fast finding a GAME


BACK - This will change sort method By NAME, By YEAR, By MOST PLAYED.......

X - Sort by Name

Y - Sort by Type

B - Sort by Manufacturer

Left Thumb Button - Random Game

Right Thumb Button - Sort by Times Played ( Jump to Most Played )


----------------------- ADVANCED IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------


BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Keys or Cheat

BACK and BLACK - Show Framerate And Free Memory

BACK and Left Trigger and Right Trigger - Restart Game

BACK and Right Thumb Button - Onscreen Display

BACK and Right Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Load Game ( Buggy )

BACK and Left Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Save Game ( Buggy )

BACK and Left Thumb Button - Lightgun Crosshair Display

BACK and A and B - Take In Game Snapshot


----------------------- GAME SELECTION COLORS -----------------------


Colorise Your Game Selection must be ENABLED


WHITE - Stardard Game

GOLD - Set to Favorite

DARK BLUE - All Time Classic Game


GREY - Game doesnt have sound


----------------------- ADVANCED SETTINGS -----------------------


Enabling Advanced Settings allows alot more customising options like





VIUSAL Options


In Game Settings ( BACK and WHITE )

In Game Remap Keys ( BACK and WHITE )


----------------------- COMMANDLINE AUTO LAUNCH -----------------------


example of the text in a .cut file to automatically launch from xbmc or evox




<label>Street Fighter Alpha 3</label>







----------------------- THROTTLE -----------------------


Throttle disabling is useful for games running at 57fps, 59fps, 58fps(cave), 61fps (namco).

Enter the ingame menu, "remap gamepad", and map one or several keys as THROTTLE.

(You can map your THROTTLE as back+X+B )



Example: If you think Dodonpachi (58 fps) isn't that smooth,

call the THROTTLE function by pressing the keys remapped. THROTTLE will be disabled

(because enabled by default)

This will force the game to run at 60 fps (60/58 fps): a small speedup but a smoother animation.


Throttle can also be used for 55 fps games (Midnight Resistance...) but the sound can glitch a bit (speedup).

Some older 61 fps Namco games are smooth with THROTTLE disabled and Frameskip 0 (Rolling thunder 1,2...)


If you want to know what the original framerate is for the games, press BACK+BLACK (default setting)


----------------------- CPU OVERCLOCK -----------------------


This can be very useful for some games with slowdowns.

To call the function press BACK+RIGHT THUMB, (the sound volume setting appears)

Go up or down a few times and check the CPU0, CPU1... overclock settings.


Examples (for 480p)

-BioMechanical toys has small slowdowns, Set the CPU0 to 125% = smooth animation.

-Double Dragon (original beat'em up) runs slowly: set the CPU0 and CPU1 to 150% = nice speed.


Don't overclock the games that can't reach their original framerate (ex: 52/60 fps, 36/57 fps), the emu will be slower.

Overclock only the games running at full framerate ! Biomechanical toys runs at 60/60 fps and

Double Dragon runs at 57/57 fps, so the values for CPU can have a higher setting.


We can also decrease the values:

-To get a better anim in Darius Gaiden (or some other Taito), keep CPU0 at 100%, and set the CPU1 (sound CPU) to 50%.


----------------------- CONFIGS -----------------------


A member wanted a config for CPS2 games (some Capcom games use LPunch+MPunch+HPunch, same for Kicks)

If for example LPunch=LTrigger, MPunch=X, HPunch=Y and you want a shortcut for furies on WHITE BUTTON

then "remap the game" this way:

P1 Button 1 = J1_LTrigger or J1_White

P1 Button 2 = J1_X or J1_White

P1 Button 3 = J1_Y or J1_White


Pressing White will call the 3 Punch Buttons !


----------------------- FAST FORWARD -----------------------


Sometimes it's boring to wait for a long time when a game is launched: memory tests, rom/ram tests, etc...

I personally use a fast forward function: just change the frameskip ingame.

My default Frameskip is AUTO.

I have remapped Frameskip Dec as L_Trigger R_Trigger X (FS decrease: Auto - 11 - 10 - 9 ... 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 - Auto ...)

and Frameskip Inc as L_Trigger R_trigger Y (FS increase: Auto - 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 ... 9 - 10 - 11 - Auto ...)


When a game is just launched I Press LTrigger+RTrigger+X to run the game very fast (Frameskip 11).

To return to Frameskip Auto (normal speed) when the arcade tests are finished I Press LTrigger+RTrigger+Y.

This way I don't wait for the long rom/ram tests.


(Just press the keys one time, or you can get lost as the Frameskip value isn't shown anymore ingame).


----------------------- SERVICE MODES -----------------------


Some players like to have a Freeplay (no coin) or an easy setting for the games, but no DIP switches ?

All the games have a service mode NEOGEO, CPS1, CPS2, SEGA, MIDWAY, CAVE, NAMCO.

Remapping function in "Remap This Game" will help.


NEOGEO: Just remap the TEST SWITCH with the keys you want, and press thoses keys ingame: entering service mode.


CPS1 & CPS2: Just remap the SERVICE MODE for the same results.


SEGA 32: (outrunner, Golden Axe2, Arabian Fight, Spiderman...)

Remap the SERVICE MODE and the SERVICE 1: SERVICE MODE will enter the settings and valid a choice

SERVICE 1 will allow to switch between the different options.


MIDWAY: Remap the TEST (or use the option: ingame menu/game settings/Test Switch ON/OFF).


NAMCO: Remap the SERVICE MODE (or use the option similar to Midway's).


CAVE: (Esprade, DoDonpachi) Remap the SERVICE MODE and press the keys during 2 or 3 seconds.


Be careful ! Sometimes with some manufacturers you must reset the game (LTrigger+RTrigger+BACK) after you pressed

the service keys to be able to enter the arcade settings ! ! !


PS: it's unfortunate but set the biggest schumps to EASY to get less bullets on screen and limit the slowdowns


----------------------- GUN GAMES -----------------------


Playing a lightgun game like Lethal Enforcers 2 with the pad can be hard because we must reload by shooting outside

the screen. For this kind of games, enter the cheat menu and available the unlimited ammo setting.


Same for Underfire. The crosshair isn't shown ingame but it's playable with unlimited ammo

as we can see where we've just shot.


Disable the Crosshair (BACK+LEFT+THUMB) will help in Beast Busters.


----------------------- MULTI SCREENS GAMES (Darius 1, Darius 2, The Ninjawarriors, Warrior Blade) -----------------------


Disable the Widescreen setting for horizontal Games, and the games will play at fullscreen. 16/9 users will get

the best results.

Purists can also set a special "screensize adjustment" to get a suitable aspect ratio.

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that wont happen its easy to skin it that way.....although it will have complete screenshot pack it will all have a complete hd video pack and it looks alot better with videos



Oh yes, forgot about the videos, There are a few on the R5 release I got and I think they look very good indeed.... And WOW a complete screenshot AND video pack - this is going to be like Christmas come early. :D:D


Other than that I don't really have any other things to suggest as it's a near perfect GUI etc.

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they look better in hd on 480p :D unless its reskinned.... someone can release a full sd pack of videos / I have them on my desktop and they are 4.5 gigs but I dont have bandwidth or speed to give them to people


so ill only be working on my builds in high quality

Ok sounds great anyway.


Does Coinops supports network sharing as Xport emulators do ?

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