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well every game of mine works fine testes 1200 games in my new pack in HD and SD no issues...and also the foot print for the mame driver is now smaller than R1 so check other things id say.... artwork is a biggie that causes issues :lol: a biggie

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And your xBox have a MODCHIP or a SOFTWAREHACK ?

Because mine is SOFTWARE ... is the hack use some memory ?

it dosent matter if you have a chip or softmod as it dosnt affect memory in either way.

i tried all those games and they work fine for me,to get them working just go into the settings and turn on virtual memory.

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thanks ice ,

the worst tearing i've seen on xbox is serious sam.

I know. It's a shame coz the Xbox version is actually better than the PC versions of the First/Second Encounters, in terms of content. It's all one story, you've got the cool phone box save points, improved models, fmvs. The texture quality is the equivalent of the medium setting on the PC but it doesn’t look any worse for it. Not so for number 2 though. PC version is far superior there.


I remember there's some pretty bad screen tearing in the X-Men vs Street Fighter games under both CoinOps and FBA. It could be my TV though, as it's only a 50hz PAL 14" portable. Most games run above 50hz, so screen tearing may be unavoidable for me.

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I have tested an other time on my second xbox with a CHIP :lol:


Now i'm sure ... when i run CYVERN in HD you are real, it is working fine B)

BUT if i activate like yesterday the ENCHENCED EFFECT in HD, the game freeze on the "Please Wait" :)


Other people have the same bug ?



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I look forward to trying new features... I kindly request a link be pm'd to me.



you need 3 posts dude,i cant pm you the link until you have 3posts.

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