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Hi BP,


I wrote this in another post, I put it here because maybe you did'nt see it ?

I have found out that setting cheats enabled=1 to cheats enabled=0 in the mame.ini turns off the overclocking options in game.

is there a way for seperate settings to be added ? so no cheats but still overclock option.

I set it to off, so maybe the startup of games would be quicker, would turning of cheats make them load quicker? , when is cheats.dat loaded ? or what about when cheats.dat is deleted ?


and much thanks for coinops :D

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partially added video preview support. Wont make it into R3 unless Trig is able to insert it properly but the base files are now in


the reason for

1) no light gun questions......

2) no commandline questions....

3) no video support questions

is cause they are the only 3 things on my list to insert for the GUI anything else will come from you guys as it isnt on my radar (these 3 things arnt that easy for me to add but doable id say)

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Damn, I have been a member for 5 years and haven't bothered to post yet! Great work BP, it is coders like you who keep my Xbox being anything other than a media player.


A quick question for you; the dat file from R2 has 5000 roms in it, does the emu actually support/recognize that amount of roms or are we limited to the 1000 recomended?

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