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You're probably right. (I'm hoping you are, as its also the easiest solution.) :P


I made my own adapter, so maybe something is miswired. I don't think so though, but who knows.


Anyway, I'll be picking up an official adapter and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. Thank you for investigating this for me!


Talk soon



Well, I found the link to R3. I should have just used google rather than asking anyway.


It works just fine on my setup (port 1 = joy, port 2 = joy, port 3 = light gun, port 4 = x-arcade trackball). I just tested with centipede, millipede, and 1941. If you're not getting a mouse pointer in XBMC when you move your mouse I'd say there's something wrong at the hardware level. Because you've tested two mice I'd say its your adapter.


This one is similar to mine


Is there anyone else running R3 with a usb adapter that can try things out?



No, I tried it in XBMC and it did the same thing. As the Xbox booted, the mouse was glowing red, but when media center went "live" it flashed a few times and turned off. This was in port 1 though. I don't know if that matters.


I did have the joystick in and put coins in and started the game.


Maybe my mouse and/or X-Arcade trackball isn't supported? The mouse I'm using is an Apple Optical. I think I read that was supported, but perhaps I'm mistaken.


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!


Can someone PM me a link to the R3 release?


The version I'm using works fine, but may not be identical to the release version. Does your trackball work in XBMC? Do you still have a joystick connected to put in coins and start? Once you've started you can use the trackball in any port.


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