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you dont need any saves at all just, delete all of them though the MSdash no worries.... if it still reboots to the dash on some games after that I would reinstall CoinOPS ( it doesnt reboot on 5 xboxs I tried it on ). It will be an old save remains or the emu isnt on correctly :D good luck



I deleted the whole lot, deleted all "babe" save files (via FTP), re-unrared the R2 standalone release, FTPed it back and

still it reboots me back to the dashboard on all games except Gyruss (so far..) :(


Any other ideas?


btw, I have to patch my default.xbe & mameOX.xbe files to "Retail" to get it to boot on my older mod-chip,

BUT I did this in CoinOPS Ignite and it was sweet....


After giving up on the R2 release, I went back to Ignite public beta (my last working one), but now this does the same thing!!!

Anyone know how to get this working again???? Anyone.....




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R3 is coming along now...


Added new options for play random game (left thumb click and also in start button menu)

Added Mouse and Trackball support (thanks to Trig)

Added New Game launching code that tells you about the game while its loading (thanks to Trig to start it off).....


fixed a couple of bugs


Let me know if you find any bugs in R2 please and also features you want in R3 not game related.

Also not commandline, lightgun and video support Im well aware of these

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I'm loving Coinops Ignite, and I look forward to any improvements that you see fit to improve, thanks for all the hard work. This emulator will be absolutely perfect in my eyes if you could make the Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Rampage World Tour games have sound. I realize that may not be a priority, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. :Thumbsright:


One thing I am curious of though, is if there is any way to easily, or more quickly remap the controls in all the Street Fighter games without having to go into each one and do it manually. If there is an easier way, I'd like to know how. Or if you're looking for new features for future releases, that would be a nice feature I think, if its at all even possible somehow.


Just my opinions. Everything you've done already is awesome and greatly appreciated, I mostly just wanted to say thanks for Coinops Ignite! Thanks!!! :angry:

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