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  1. As per me also not released ... will it be?
  2. i see not all xmv files are there in showcase10gig version? is this correct? i see these roms video previews are missing (prob more): - aof1 = artoffighting - aof2 - aof3 - burningf - neocup98 - dynablst - fatfury1 - fatfury2 - fatfursp - pbobbble3 - rbff1 - snk vscapcomchaos - ultimate 11 Can anybody help me out pls???
  3. Only 1 game gives me a problem: Party Time : Gonta the Diver II Can only see white welcome screen and thats it (i can enter the ingame menu)
  4. One of the best topics on the forum. Very clear and good overview of which games are added ! Congrats to all !
  5. CoinOPS Reignite Showcase. (8gigs) Its a massive download so just wondering if its worth to download; if this is only video previews + optimized screenshots its not worth for me. But if many new games are added (old topic by Enkak) then it might very interesting for many ppl do give it a try. So can somebody confirm me if many games are added from this list ? http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30060
  6. Is there really no option to make an ROM UPGRADE PACK. As most of us already have the full rom list from CoinOps Gold release. SHould be great to have only the newest roms instead of downloading again the full bunch...
  7. @Fumanchu Thanks a lot ! Its indeed there, forgot about this hidden setting.
  8. Superb work !!! Only 1 thing im not able to do`anymore or maybe i just cant find. As I want to CHANGE some DEFAULT KEYS for example load state and save state. I cant find ot anymore under (back + white) and `remap this game` or is it somewhere else now? Thnks !
  9. Is extra rom Pack ready ? Distributing will not be a problem. How big is filesize ?
  10. @BritneysPairs Nice job again; tested and works fine. Youre next release will it be an additional gamepack with newest roms ? Probably first fixing some issues with Mk etc.
  11. Good youre all back... thanks Fumanchu and Cospefogo !
  12. Are there really no volonteers to release it ??? Cant understand, when release is ready everybody is crying like a baby and now its very quiet.
  13. Is it allready released by someone? As i`ve only 1gb connection now (moved to new appartment) im not able to release it as first planned:( So hope there are some volonteers. Hope we can get also `R2 ROM` pack seperately; so we can easily add these new games to first release.
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