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  1. Oh now this is just meant to be. Just pulled the xbox out of my cabinet to upgrade a few things so SHOWROOM couldnt have come along at a better time. I'd love a link to the full 16Gb of fury pack please? Many thanks in advance!!
  2. Where do the ini files get written to for the SNES roms ?
  3. Hey guys is it possible to reassign the buttons in the the SNES and GENESIS games? I'm using an X-Arcade Tankstick and the default layout just isnt practical for games like SNES NBA JAM TE.
  4. Looks like you PM mailbox is full dam-soft Tried to PM you for a link but couldnt.
  5. hey guys could I get a link to R4 please?
  6. floppsy and 111111 do you wont a link for r3?? Cheers for the link Fum.
  7. Hey guys. Could I get a super funky PM so I can get a hold of this build? Many thanks in advance!!
  8. Thanks again fumanchu for the pm!
  9. you need another pm so i can show you where to download another romset via pm. ahh that would make life so much easier. I'll get my posts up so you can send it Thank you so much!!
  10. Not a problem cheers for getting back to me. Ok guys. anyone able to help me with a few pointers on how to strip a full mame rom set down to just the rooms that work in Coinop? I tried using Romcentre to strip out the unsupported roms but I still ended up with over 4000 so something I did isnt right. I'm almost wishing I hadnt let me xbox-sky account expire because I recall the full versions of Coinop were always up there. Anyway any help to get Coinop going in my cabinet again would be awesome
  11. Well CoinOp is still alive and kicking .. I had lost track of this project after CoinOp Plus. Awesome work by the way. The old Plus version is still powering my cabinet as we speak so I'm glad to see a newer version I'm just curious if anyone would mind explaining how to use the DAT files to separate out just the roms that work from a full mame romset? I've tried it myself but I'm not having have much joy. For some reason I just cant get my head around romcentre or clrmame hehe
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