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ROMs Are Here In a Entire New Way!!!


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Well after about 7 months of non-updates with GameShare.. I give you fully updated rom downloads every single day!! There's one thing different though! They are eDonkey Links, which I think is a lot better. First of all, we can not get shut down, due to the fact we are not hosting any illegal material on this website. eDonkey links are download links to files on the eDonkey system which is a P2P system like Kazaa. First you must download the soft if you haven't already and then click a rom and boom, it will start downloading! I'll be adding dozens of full sets of Roms and also there will be a ton more of IRC Hubs, Direct Connect Hubs, and also Roms Sites. The coolest thing is, you guys can add links as well! So I give you probabally the newest rom system to ever grace emulation, GameShare!


Currently we have download links for...


Amiga Emulators - 600 Games - Kicks - Workbench Etc

Amiga Emulators Pack + 50 Games

Amiga Emuls and Disks - Emuchina Collection (CD1of4)

Amiga Emuls and Disks - Emuchina Collection (CD2of4)

Amiga Emuls and Disks - Emuchina Collection (CD3of4)

Amiga Emuls and Disks - Emuchina Collection (CD4of4)


Atari 2600 Roms (Complete Set)

Atari 5200 Bios

Good.Atari.5200.0.9996 Full Set

Atari Jaguar Bios

Atari Jaguar Emulator And 64 Roms

Atari.Jaguar.v0.9993 Full Set


Atari Lynx - Emul and 205 Roms (101% complete)


Coleco.ColecoVision.v0.9995 Full Set


Milles-Gordon Sam Coupe 0.9995 Full Set

Sam Coupe - Emul and 588 Roms (100% complete)

Amstrad CPC roms (Good 0.999.5 RC) Full Set

Final Burn Alpha And All Roms Cps1-Cps2

GBA Roms Collection (0001-0125)

GoodGBx v1.01 ROM set (6379 Gameboy + Gameboy Color)

Intellivision (best pack)


---> http://gameshare.1emulation.com

---> Click On: [eDonkey] Rom Links

---> Don't forget to read the disclaimer that will only popup once when you enter the site! It will also include download information to get eDonkey and right away download the files you want!

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+ Added the 1Emulation mIRC Hub!



And now also verified! :P

Hey disoblige, is there any IRC links so that when someone clicks it, it will load the IRC hub in their mIRC? Example: dchub://1emulation.servegame.com.. it's a URL that will Open Direct connect and connect right away to the hub. Are there any for IRC as well? Example: irc://#1emu@irc.newnet.net (this link I just made up to prove a point)


PS: Also one site was added, the little cheaper tryed to stick an A infront of his website so it would be on the top. Are you guys seriously gonna think that were gonna allow that? We VERIFY all LINKS before they even show up. So don't try to cheat the system. ;)

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I'll be adding a ton more full sets and seperate roms(duhh) very soon. I'll keep you guys updated as much as possible. All we ask is for people to post good around here for more updates!! It's not too much to ask.


Some new stuff coming..


DreamCast ISOs

MAME Full Sets/Upgrade Releases

Nintendo 64


Super Nintendo

Sega Genesis

Sega Saturn

Sega GameGear


Playstation 2


.........................and much, much more! Please register on the forum and start posting good for these updates to come faster because to be honest, that's the only thing keeping me going. :blink::ph34r:

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