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Xbox Arcade Sticks and beat em ups/ 1vs1 Fighting


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Hey all,


I have just ordered this arcade stick for playing on coinops ignite




I don't know about you guys but im finding it nigh on impossible to master Ken/Ryu's Dragon Punch (Hiduken?) using the innacurate D-Pad on the original xbox controller. Like any bad workman im blaming my tools!


Does anyone know if this arcade stick is any good? does anyone already own one?


Does anyone have a better reccommendation for an arcade stick (not X-Arcade costing a million dollars that is)


I was surprised there is such little choice for the xbox arcade controllers, maybe due to a lack of xbox fighting games?

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For me, to my person, my very own self, the BEST arcade sticks out there

are the PSX/PS2 sticks from the japanese brand HORI. I used to have many

of them around here, and they never let me down.


You should buy:

- One PS2 joypad adapter from the brand MAYFLASH (it really the best)

- One PS2 arcade stick from the band HORI.


Unfortunately the joypad adapter is SOLD OUT in PlayAsia, the best

place to find it with a very nice price. But I think it is still common enough

to find it on other stores.


About the HORI arcade, you can find in eBay. I recommend you to keep

an eye on this store - Superb Articles From Japan - extremely trust-able,

honest seller, perfect goods, fast shipping, one of my faves! From time to time he carries

on some HORI arcade sticks on nice prices, like $10, $15 USD.


And --- for me, to my person, my very own self, my feelings, my taste - the regular

Xbox S-Controller should be banned from the face of the earth. If you can't find

the Arcade sticks, play with a PS2 controller. It is MUCH MUCH MUCH better

in oldskool systems and arcade games than the bundled Microsoft controller.




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Oh yes...

The Street Fighter Anniversary pads are nice.

I had 3 here... Two Guile's and one Akuma's.

But I ended selling all of them to my friends...


I still prefer the PS2 pads (better the PSX with no analogic thumbs)

over the Street Fighter ones.


And of course, the Sega Saturn on top of all, on a

shiny golden throne.



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Thanks copesfogo,


I have checked out the HORI sticks and they look intresting. I hope mine isn't as s**t as it looks lol


I WILL master the dragon punch!!!


I have to admit I liked the xbox controller until I tried to use the D-Pad, now I think about it what was I thinking, sure it has lots of buttons and analogue funtionality but play a FPS and compare it ti a keyboard and mouse? no contest!

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Hori sticks are universally recommended because half the serious players use them. The others use MAS sticks. There is one family of Hori sticks worth owning and it's the Real Arcade Pro series. EX, EX2 and anything else that doesn't have "Real Arcade Pro" in front of it are usually of a lesser calibur.


Also PS2 controllers are trash, best controller to use for fighting games is a Saturn controller, or a clone of it.

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Copesfogo also mentions he likes the Saturn controller, is this because of the d-pad and the fact it has 6 buttons (the same as most arcade cabinets?)


Im surprised it would work with an xbox, is it just "plug and play" with an adapter? if so that is really surprisung that it would work on a more advanced machine such as the xbox

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I have two original Sega Saturn pads plugged in the Xbox using the MagicBox Joypad Adapter. It translates original Sega Saturn, Dreamcast & PSX into Xbox language. The only problem with the Saturn pads are --- You have all buttons, except the BACK and the Thumbsticks. Thumbs are not sooo necessary, but back is in some case.


FORTUNATELY, I was able to configure ALL my emus, even MAME to never need the Back button ever. So, the perfect play environment was achieved!!


I also have a original Sega Saturn pad released in Japan specially for PS2. This was a limited series and they DO HAVE the BACK BUTTON equivalent! Wonderful pad.


This pad and the MagicBox adapter are very rare...

I think I was lucky for finding them!



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