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“Persistent Hiccups” for 156 Hours (7 Days)

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Hey all, I have been down and out for the past few weeks. March has been a rough month for me ranging from the Flu & Fevers to something I never thought I would experience. I have recently added a small entry on my blog outlining some of the stuff I have been dealing with for the past month.


The thing that pretty much ruined me life last week was that I got the hiccups… and it lasted for 7 days... >.<


I was scheduled to get my Wisdom Teeth out on 03/11 and when I came in for my oral surgery appointment I was still getting over a Bronchial Infection and Cough I got from a guy at my work.


Because of my poor health status coming in for surgery and complications with the anesthesia I came out of surgery with the hiccups. The doctor is not sure if it was a strain on my frenetic nerve from the surgery or what (as hiccups are not really studied) but I developed a case of the hiccups that seemed like it would never go away.


I ended up going into the Emergency Room on Friday night (2 days later) because every time it was happening I would have acid reflux, and started choking. This eventually lead to choking, gagging, vomiting and bouts where I could not breathe. They gave me a GI Cocktail to rule out cardiac problems and pumped me full of a bunch of meds for nausea. Needless to say I wasn’t actually nauseous, I was chocking so the meds did next to nothing.


We ended up calling the oral surgeon two or three times, the nurse’s hotline the same, and going into Urgent Care twice Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night a doctor at Urgent Care finally took X-Rays of my chest to check my frenetic nerve and diaphragm. Everything looked normal so he put me on an Acid Blocker and prescribed me Thorazine. (The stuff they inject into psycho patients in movies to sedate them.)


It knocked me out for about 18 hours and when I woke up I no longer had the hiccups. It had been roughly 6.5 days or 156 hours since I got them. Probably one of the most annoying things that has happened in my life.


Just had to vent about all that crap… :lol:

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Thorazine sucks big time. I feel bad for your ordeal noext time you have the hiccups for more than 4 hours and all the usual remedies havent worked go for a brisk walk breathing deeply and flexing your diaphram. Works for me

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That sounds crazy!


What I do about hickups...


There is a sensation when hickups are just gone. A strange sensation in the diaphram. I hold my breath and focus on, or rather immagine that physical feeling, and my hickups are gone... sometimes I have to focus harder than usual... but it works every time.


We had a girl not to long ago here in central florida... she had the hickups for like 3 months or something... I'm not compating her to you... you had some crazzy sh!t going on.


Well I'm glad you didn't throw your stomach inside out or anything... glad your feeling better.

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