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  1. I’ve just recently (in the past 2 months) become highly addicted to LOST. I was sitting around flipping channels one night and came across the pre-show for the season premier of Season 5. They were doing a recap of the series and I got sucked into all the crazy island weirdness. Since then I have NetFlixed everything up to Season 5, but now I have missed the first few episodes of this season, not to mention I hate commercials because they really break up the pace of a show. (Especially for a show like LOST) I will probably end up Torrenting them as I go, hopefully from some people who have digital cable. And I have to agree on Scrubs... Another awesome and weird show! I punched a whale once. Right in the face. Down he went, like Liston.
  2. Hey man. Just a suggestion (not a critique) but I have been following your posts on the issues with your laptop and thought I would recommend for the amount of time you are putting into it, you may just want to consider buying a new system. It sounds like budget may be a factor based on some of your posts, but as they say “time is money” and it sounds like you have spent a lot of time trying to get a last dying breath out of the system. I usually tell customers if they are going to spend more than $100-150 dollars upgrading a laptop they would be better suited just putting that money aside for a new notebook. I got my most recent notebook for $315 brand new. Otherwise you can always look on Freecycle for a decent hand me down. It may save you the hassle of trying to cobble together a bunch of parts that really weren’t meant to work together. Good luck!
  3. Any reason (aside from the case you have selected in the cart) that the board needs to be a Micro ATX? The thing is, most MATX boards are considered “All in ones” meaning they provide Video, Audio and LAN onboard without needing to add hardware. I just did a quick scan of about 20 MATX boards we carry and they all have onboard video. (Gigabyte, Intel, ASUS, & Foxconn.) You would have a much easier time finding a standard ATX without onboard video. As far as disabling the video in the BIOS, many current boards no longer support this function because it is handled automatically by the motherboard. There may be a board out there that meets your criteria but I think you’ll definitely need to do some searching to find it.
  4. **shudders and thinks about his recent oral surgery expereince** - He's right though...
  5. Hey guys, I kept getting an error when I tried to use the “search” feature on this forum, so I don’t know if this has been posted. I was using FreeDO, a 3DO emulator the other day and realized it did not work with my cheap Logitech Precision gamepad. I searched online for a good keybinding program and came across: http://www.xpadder.com/ It’s a free program that lets you import a pic of any joystick and then create buttons, triggers, analog, D pads, etc in a joystick editor. You can then add any keyboard functions to these keys and save the profile you create. Their editor is really sweet and makes it so you can create virtually unlimited variations of gamepads. (Even ones that do not exist) This really improved the gaming experience on Emulators lacking good gamepad support.
  6. Nice! Thanks Robert, I think setting the “frame skip” from “Auto” to “0” did the trick. WOW, It looks awesome now! Definitely much happier with the Emulator now. BTW Your post is #1 on Google when you search for “NeoRage video options”. Thanks for all the help guys!
  7. Yeah, I think I mentioned that in my first post, but thanks for the extended details on the other parts of the Emulator. I'm excited to mess around with Dolphin even if it's not 100% because you look back years from now and think "I remember when Dolphin blah blah...". Kind of like remembering when Nesticle's sound emulation sucked. Oh wait, it still does. Hehe.
  8. I have been looking into starting a “Game Room” downstairs in addition to my computer / console Game Room. This would be more like a full fledged game room with a full size Arcade Machine, Mini Bar, Pool Table / Air Hockey, Darts etc… and also two Pinball Machines. I have two in mind that I would really like to find but haven’t run across any great resources for tracking down Pinball Machines. Lately I have been checking on CraigsHelper which seems to be the most up to date resource I have found so far but checking out further than 400 miles gets really tedious, and you need to be somewhat general with what you are looking for or you seem to eliminate potential listings. Does anyone know of a good link for this?
  9. I hear ya man, I was fortunate enough to trade my sis a second xbox I had for her black Game Cube and several games awhile back. Ever since then I have held onto it and have Wind Waker sitting on the shelf. I also have Twilight Princess on the Wii, but love my still love my GameCube. . Too bad about the audio thing. Do you happen to know how those guys had it working in the YouTube videos? What you’re describing sounds like what I was reading about in that audio post.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation man. I have been out of the loop for awhile now so I have been trying to get caught up with what’s current. I am really getting addicted to Neo Geo and see this being one of the primary uses in addition to MAME on my Arcade Machine. I'll have to give Final Burn a whurl later tonight.
  11. I was waiting for so long for these games to come out and when they finally did I was sick for about a month. During that time I ended up having to go to the ER at one point and my insurance really sucks so I have been sitting around waiting to get an insane bill from the hospital. Needless to say I have been holding onto my wallet to see if this happens but I’m hesitant to spend the money because it seems like as soon as I do, other expenses come up. I played the demos for both of these games and Killzone 2 blew my mind. I really loved the first game, and got stuck on “Liberation” for the PSP. I was never big into Resident Evil until I played 4 on the Wii. The one thing that felt akward in the RE5 demo was aiming with the controller as opposed to the Wii-mote but I really like the idea of finally being able to play co-op. For those who were lucky enough to get these when they came out, what do you think of them? I have been fighting the urge to just say “screw it” and go out to pick them both up but I think I should probably wait to see if I have dodged my bills first.
  12. Hey all. I had a chance to try out DOLPHIN for the first time a week ago and I was blown away. The video emulation was beautiful! I was testing it out with Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. (Big Zelda Nut!) I noticed I got about 30 FPS during the openings on both games, but this dropped to about 15 FPS during cutscenes and then slightly higher (15-20ish) during actual game play. Needless to say I was more impressed than disappointed with the thing. I know it hasn’t been around for too long so I can’t wait to see how the Emulator evolves as time goes on. The one thing I have been unable to get working is the sound. I am running the 32bit version and I noticed in many of the YouTube videos of people running Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros. that they are running the 64bit version. I didn’t think that would make much difference except in how fast the program ran. I can’t wait until a few months pass to see how this thing improves but for now I would love to be able to play a couple games at the lower framerate with sound at least. Has anyone else been able to get it up and running with the 32bit version. I read somewhere that it might be something to do with Zelda and the way those ROMs handle the audio, but didn’t have time to dig into it.
  13. I was downloading some CPS ROMs the other day and noticed the exact same file names in my MAME ROMs folder. I am fairly new to Arcade Emulation vs. Console Systems so I wasn’t sure if there was a big difference between the two systems. Pardon my ignorance on the issue, but is there an advantage to running a CPS Emulator over using MAME and are these different versions of the games with the same file names, or do I have things completely backwards here?
  14. Hey all. I have been messing around my NeoGeo ROMs lately and have been really impressed with what an amazing system it is. For some reason I just really love the feel of Neo Geo. I am currently running NeoRAGEx 5.0 and have noticed in a lot of side scrolling games that my screen has a staggering glitch, almost like a vertical scan line or refresh problem. It really sucks because the video Emulation itself looks really sharp! One thing I should mention is that I am running an Acer 22” monitor and I don’t know if the widescreen aspect ratio is having some sort of impact on this. Has anyone else run across this, or experienced this issue with other Emulators and if so what advice can you offer to fix the problem. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I just came across it last night and have been having a hell of a time getting it setup. Even after working off the tutorial on the main site I am still unable to get the thing up and running. I think I may be missing some files or have something configured wrong. I downloaded Visual PinMAME from the site and setup the audio files in the “Samples” folder as instructed. I also found a VBS zip that had all the “tables” files that I dropped into a folder named “tables” as there was not one in the main directory. This seemed to make a difference as the ROM I had loaded further once I had done this. So far I am testing it with “Monopoly”. I have been able to get the ROM to load to an initial screen where I can load credits but I need to peruse the “controls” readme since I can’t get the thing to actually start. Someone had mentioned to me that I needed to run Visual PINMAME and PinMAME 32 since they run in conjunction with one another to create a working Pinball emulator. At this point I feel a little bit lost. I would really like to get it working cause the wife loves pinball and I like to download ROMs and Emulators so it’s a match made in heaven. Hehe. Does anyone know of any good PinMAME tutorials other than the ones offered on the main site. I wish it was possible to just download a pre-setup zip file with everything you need but things are never that easy ey?
  16. I am relatively new to DS Emulation. I actually got into it because the wife has her Pink DS that she loves to play, so I figured it would be a nice way for her to preview a game before she drops the money on it. I have been messing around with NO$GBA which seems to be really easy to use and does the video emulation good, but the sound is pretty terrible. I would like something is easy to use so she can run it on her PC without a lot of know how. I am really impressed with how good the DS Emulation is, but I’d really like to find an option that offers the complete package. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  17. Did you receive a Disk with your laptop? Because normally that would have all the device drivers and additional software you need to restore your laptop to factory specs. When I did a search for your laptop drivers this is the Sony support link that came up: http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-list.pl?...05GL#div_pos_94 Is that the one you have already checked? I did not see any mention of the “jog dial” but if this link is different then the one you mentioned the sections I would check are: - Sony Applications (various) - 2 file(s) - System Components - 1 file(s) - Touchpad - 2 file(s) - VAIO Media Software - 8 file(s) - Video - 1 file(s) A lot of the times the functions you are referring to are not considered “hardware” but more like software functions on the laptop so this may not help, but you can always try checking in “Device Manager” and if any hardware is not installed, right click on it and do the “Update Driver” option and select the option to let Windows search for the driver automatically. This can sometimes resolve problems like that. The last thing you can try is searching on a site like “Driver Guide”.com and searching based on your laptop model. (PCG-R505GL). If none of the above works you may want to call Sony and ask them what software you need to restore those two functions… Good luck!
  18. Berserk is definitely one of the best manga I have ever read. If you have seen the anime and liked it you would definitely love the manga even more. Even if you haven’t seen it, it’s not necessary to enjoy the manga. The story varies slightly in the manga anyway. Kentarō Miura has one of the darkest illustration styles I have ever seen in my life which I think is why I like the series so much. It’s very different from many of the standard anime or manga styles you see out there. In fact some of the illustrations are down right disturbing but they are so intricate and beautiful at the same time it is hard not to appreciate them. That would be my number one recommendation. Because of the beautiful illustrations and the amazing story, if you are in the neighborhood for a dark and serious manga Berserk is definitely worth a read!
  19. Hey all, I have been down and out for the past few weeks. March has been a rough month for me ranging from the Flu & Fevers to something I never thought I would experience. I have recently added a small entry on my blog outlining some of the stuff I have been dealing with for the past month. The thing that pretty much ruined me life last week was that I got the hiccups… and it lasted for 7 days... >.< I was scheduled to get my Wisdom Teeth out on 03/11 and when I came in for my oral surgery appointment I was still getting over a Bronchial Infection and Cough I got from a guy at my work. Because of my poor health status coming in for surgery and complications with the anesthesia I came out of surgery with the hiccups. The doctor is not sure if it was a strain on my frenetic nerve from the surgery or what (as hiccups are not really studied) but I developed a case of the hiccups that seemed like it would never go away. I ended up going into the Emergency Room on Friday night (2 days later) because every time it was happening I would have acid reflux, and started choking. This eventually lead to choking, gagging, vomiting and bouts where I could not breathe. They gave me a GI Cocktail to rule out cardiac problems and pumped me full of a bunch of meds for nausea. Needless to say I wasn’t actually nauseous, I was chocking so the meds did next to nothing. We ended up calling the oral surgeon two or three times, the nurse’s hotline the same, and going into Urgent Care twice Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night a doctor at Urgent Care finally took X-Rays of my chest to check my frenetic nerve and diaphragm. Everything looked normal so he put me on an Acid Blocker and prescribed me Thorazine. (The stuff they inject into psycho patients in movies to sedate them.) It knocked me out for about 18 hours and when I woke up I no longer had the hiccups. It had been roughly 6.5 days or 156 hours since I got them. Probably one of the most annoying things that has happened in my life. Just had to vent about all that crap…
  20. Hey all this isn’t my site but I love to share it with people because they always seem to get addicted to it afterwards. www.pandora.com It’s an online streaming radio station that creates playlists of music you would like based on an artist or song you specify. Unlike other sites that do this based off of “users that liked this also liked…” it uses the “music genome project” to create a playlist that is insanely accurate to your tastes. Music Genome Project http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Genome_Project Anyway I have found a ton of amazing bands I had never heard of using Pandora. I just use the “bookmark artist” or “bookmark song” feature in the service and I can create a list of all stuff I want to download later when I get home. (Cause I listen to Pandora a lot on my iPhone) Anyway, for those who don’t already listen I hope you guys like it.
  21. I take it you are running Windows Vista Ultimate?
  22. I noticed 2eyez mentioned Berserk. That is one of my favorite animes of all time! It may not fit the criteria you mentioned but it is really worth seeing. The manga is also amazing. It’s actually a lot better than the anime as it covers WAY more of the story, and some of the best stuff that happens in the series happens once the anime ends. (imo) If you are looking for a heavier anime, with a serious plot, great characters and a lot of action you should definitely check out Berserk!
  23. I just got over the flu this week. I was down and out hardcore for about 4 days. I have managed to catch it twice in the past year, and it seemed like the same strain each time. I got them both roughly 1 year and 1 week a part from one another so February seems to be the official flu month for me. I also managed to get about 3 or 4 people I work with sick. Anyway, having the flu sucks I am glad to be feeling better.
  24. I haven't had the chance to watch any good movies lately. Although I have been watching LOST religously on DVD. Just found out about that show and have watched seasons 1 & 2 in the past two weeks.
  25. Nice job keep up the good work. I like the HR Giger tribute.
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