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Radiohead + Jay-Z = Jaydiohead = Awesome!


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Im not a big fan of anything with rap in it.

I love or did, love insane clown posses n all that stuff, i have had my rap and R&B days but now i look for music with a little more voomfh in it.


That guy who raps in linkin park is like 100 hundred other guys out there that rap with the same tone of voice and the same "i know whats up" attitude..


But i did like linkin park when they first hit the shelf. :)

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I think that Linkin Park is a decent Nu Metal group. The only reason why I listened to them, was because, in many old Dragon Ball Z AMVs, their music was used.


I like the man in-between, with his generic emotional rhymes to back up whatever the lead singer is saying. I fancied their first two albums, but in my opinion, most of their songs sounded the same, (only of those first two albums). I don't really like Jay-Z, but he's better than most of the mainstream garbage that's out today. That still isn't saying much, however.

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I don't dig Jay-z nor Radiohead that much, and I do prefer Linken Park over either. I don't get why people tend to hate the mainstream like if it's the "in" thing doing so.


I just started listening to the first track, and this crap sounds nearly identical to Linken-Jay duo, just a darker tone. Same thing with the second track, and the third track.

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