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thx fumanchu now all i need to do is generate a catver with lightgun games list. I finished most testing most game h-m all thats left is n-s

and garciamak's section


i can see where some people might have issues specifically with cps2 if they dont have a xbox arcade stick or six button fighter pad i lost all my flow on the controller s.

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I will check the spreadsheet out tonight :thumbsup1: also if you want mtsaint you can test lightgun stuff? MSN is the best place to talk about this stuff, also any other features I dont use ned proper testing, unless they are tested I just write the code and people complain later they are buggy. Some features I tack in and its up to you guys to do the work to help me put them in properly(eg key stuff)

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Saint the new level of testing is great.... the more info the better to help out :thumbsup1:


I have added in more tabs they are


Removed games

More recommended games like gigpoic (with fix) example

New Drivers or drivers that need fixing like Fixeight or Powerdrift Raiden etc


This section is starting now for the next build will be mainly driver focused where this one is tiding and GUI related.





Cheers guys only a few games left on the spreadhett now and anyone can go over any and make comments....... the more the better

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