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Want to buy new PC


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Pretty sure this is JKKDark. The first IP I couldn't resolve for some reason, the second offense came from an ISP in Germany.

Coincidence? I think not.


I'm not locking this either the thread still serves a purpose, just ignore/report to moderator button and don't post asking for removal, we can't possibly read all posts. Use the report button if you want it noticed........just wait a few minutes though, we may notice it on our own.

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Why my thread?


I just went through some sh!t, and because of it now it's going to take much longer to order then expected, by the time I do order everything will drop in price no doubt.


Thanks for the help cinder, pigeon, I have to go back to the drawing board n a month or two.

THe Longer it takes, the better man.


Like i just found a Motherboard that im IN LOVE WITH!!!! OMFG its PERFECT!!!


The Layout is just EXACTLY what i was looking for. Its fast, and its Pretty O_O





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8800GT GDDR3 512MB - $144.99




9800GT GDDR3 512MB - $124.99



Now heres something i really hate, They deactivated the 8800GT and came out with the 9800GT


I was really happy when i saw that they came out with a slimmer 9800, but then i looked closer its the same exact card. =\

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