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Thin Crust Pizza ....



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^ Truth - Deep dish is the equivalent of "chinese food", it's over americanized pizza and disgusting.


Thin crust is not "original" either, I'm surprised you think that with an Italian background Shiba. Real Italian pizza is nice and thick, but thick crust isn't that either from a pizza joint, that is just the dough rolled up thicker at the edges. I like mine that way, so I can't vote.........we don't eat your version of Deep Dish pizza up here, the general population would puke just looking at it.


I used to go to this little Italian bakery near work all the time, and would sit and drink double espresso's until my eyes popped out of my head. The old lady who ran the front section (baked goods and vegetables) would also pretty much force feed me pizza pie (Think deep dish, only not so yucky deep and grease filled, with a pie crust ontop. It was like a pizza quiche) and tell me I was too skinny (I was back then, 155lbs at 20 years old)

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Like original crust/pan pizza over here. Thin crust is ok but doesn't seem as filling and I eat it pretty fast. I'm actually not a fan of deep dish pizza as I don't like the taste or whatever of it, and I'm from the Chicago area so oops.

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I use to piss my brother off everytime he ate one. I kept calling it Paper Pizza and asked him if he was gonna eat the box too. I pretty much said the same things you said about a thin crust

Thats pretty funny


I'll eat the original crust, but its just... not the best. Some places or brands, have a better product. BTW I HATE Papa Johns.... Better ingredients my ass...

originalcrustqo4.jpg Meh...


Ok so I really don't like thin crust. It just doesn't hit the spot.

thinpizzaiy9.jpg Not satisfactory at all


Then we have the Deep Dish... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Perfect for filling you up. Just as always, different places or brands... have a variety of quality. Pizza Hut deep dish I always seemed to like. I have no Idea where this pizza is from... but it looks good enough for me. I choose Deep Dish from the 3 choices.



But GameCop... What are you doing?!?!? I though you were a brother of mine, in terms of eating. I love food... so do you... but your killing me. You left out the most EXCELLENT type of Pizza known to man!!!


Check this out





Cheese IN the crust. How can you go wrong.




I mean, look at this. How delectable!!!


stuffedcrust03yv1.jpg Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust


This is what Pizza Hut stuffed crust looks like. The stuffed crust is so amazing, I had to put in multiple pictures.


Why did you not have stuffed crust selectable? Is it not available where you are from? Please Please tell me you have actually had some before. If not... you have no idea what you are missing. It's better than it sounds or looks. CHEESE IN THE CRUST. I want some now.....

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Ahhhhh. I'm filled up with stuffed crust!!!! Hell, I took Jalapenos and stuffed them into the cheese filled crust, for added deliciousness. Damn man... it's been an hour or so and I'm still full, but talking about it... I wanna eat more. Hahahaha proof that I am American. Glutton.

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I remember when the Pizza Hut around here used to have these Super Sized Stuffed Crust large pizza's come out of their ovens. But lately, the large looks more like a medium and the Pan Pizza, that sh!t literally fits on my hand.

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Yea it's a damn shame. Instead of making a superior product... They choose to line the CEO and other parties with stupid amounts of cash. Thats all they care about... money... not super products. They say "were doing great.. but lets make alittle more money, by gipping their ass" flock man... this is my food we are talking about... I wish to never become corrupt. I aim to be who I am now, if ever I get power of some sort. Be it a single restaurant... or an entire company. An art lead on a game... or a project lead/director.


Half assing anything isn't the way to go. They must feel that their going to make money anyway... as we are lazy, and they are established. Thats what Papa Johns wanted to do... get those who were unhappy with the other chains... too bad their "better ingredients" make me sick.


Ya reminded me I have stuffed crust waiting for me... thanks.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Damn them, this could be so much better... you are so right.... smaller... and less cheese in the crust. Not at all like it used to be when they introduced this...

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