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USA Presidential Election 2008: Barack Obama (D) vs. John McCain (R)


USA Presidential Election 2008  

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That's the other thing I have a problem with this one. The campaigns. More so McCain's than Obama's. The constant exploit of Palin being a women (as if my eyes are fuking retarded and couldn't tell) is really getting on my nerves. Plus they're constant campaign over the word lipstick as if Palin reserved, copyrighted and trademarked the word and attacking Obama over his speech where he talked about McCain and used the phrase "put a lipstick on a pig it's still a pig". This election has also turned into Palin vs Obama since Palin was announced McCain has somewhat turned invisible to the public eye as the media is portraying a "Who'll be the mightiest minority?" campaign.


I have a headache now.

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What do you think of VP Nominee Sarah Palin ®?


She's dumb as a rock and a MILF apparently.

She's not that attractive IMO.


I hope people don't vote for her just because of her looks or because she's just a woman.


..... who am I kidding? :D

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Her 17 year old MILF daughter gives me headaches in my pants.



i feel better now since i'm not the only one that thinks she's a milf

GILF, since she's gonna be a grandmother.


Still doesn't change the fact she's dumb as hell.

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I don't know who to vote for. Everyone says everyone is terrible and I have no reason to trust one over the other. I guess Obama seems like a bit less of a dick. That "I forgot how many houses I own." stunt wasn't exactly great for publicity.

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