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1Emulation.com Rules!!!


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Well welcome, I hope you enjoy the place and find what you were looking for. We work hard to enhance people's emulation experience as much as possible without any annoying popups or TOP50 junk which many other emulation sites do. We are hoping to enhance this site more and get more people to post. Once we have accomplished this, we can continue to help people even more then before. ;)

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This is the site that I've been looking for. It has everything I ever wanted or needed and totally expands my gaming experience. Just way too cool.



1Emulation>Arcade@home OR any other emulation website.

i wouldn't say all other emulation websites bcuz some of them are nice enough to give us full roms without any popups ;)


Anywayz, I felt the same way you did about...1 year ago i think.



Have fun and enjoy your stay (Hopefully 1 year at least) here :)

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