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360 vs Who?

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i think ninendo needs to go handheld and software only when your company says we have ran out of ideas for the wii wtf is that u just openly give up on your hype machine. and it was good playing sc4 with u today gouken. my damn wrist is messed up. thats why i stopped playing i will be back on later if u wanna play.

Yea, it was great to finally play a fighting game online. You were the first person I know that I played with online on a console too! I was glad the rumors of lag were greatly exaggerated. I just need to get better, which is why i went random because I was tired of deciding. lol

we gave each other some nice runs but u came out on top a lot but i got a few wins in meself, but psn really doesnt lag that bad, since its free i def wont complain when it does , since the update its easy to find your friends to restart a game.

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the MS Points system is GAY!!!!!


MS is seriously JUST out to get your money.

WTF why do i have to pay 12.50 for crap?


Im not gonna use 200 points. WTF can i do with 200 points??


Everything about the 360 is just completely uncomfortable.


Fun tho.


PS3 wins in everything BUt fun. Sad enough FUN is what Game consoles are supposed to provide.

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