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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion


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So, how is the game? I have read so many negatives for the PS3 version that I am scared of getting this game.


The negative:

1. Screen tearing

2. Only four active powers per characters and the rest passive? Meaning you can't customise your characters with

moves?!?? Weak.


To me, no.2 is a killer. i love customizing my characters in Legends 2 and MUA the way I like it so without this, there seems to be not much replayability.

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Only having 4 moves is better. You no longer have wasted space of abunch of useless moves that suck and no ones gonna use. Trying to be customizable is the least of your worries.


There's replayability. You can't unlock all the passives till you play both sides. Some character's alternate costumes unlock depending on which side you are on.


Most people that have complained about this game are the same ones that hated the first one because it's not Halo.

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is it me or is every female in this game have perfect ample breast?

I mean especially the agent chick who on the pro reg side.

Russia had the right idea. Make their super agent a hot chick. Unless you mean Maria Hill.

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So I played the PS2 version today with a friend, my god is it terrible.


AI is stupid (it seems like AI characters get temporary extra health until you switch to them so they don't get killed all the time)

Graphics are HORRIBLE (The first one looked way better)

FPS drops insanely low all the time (The entire second level is barely playable)

Storyline/dialogue/voice acting is all garbage (YOU JUST GOT BEAT UP BY A GUY IN A FUNNY SUIT TEE HEE!!!)

Load times are ridiculously long. (It has to load every time you die too >_<)


Every battle is the same thing, everyone just clumps together and doing random moves and you can't even tell WTF is going on. Even the scenery gets in the way sometimes. We both just got bored with it. You just run down hallways and beat stuff up by tapping X, you don't have to block or anything until you get to a boss. Even the bosses are retarded, I could just float around in the air with iron man and the boss couldn't do shit to me.

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BTW does anyone hav da jugg code they pm me for da 360?

Im not even sure if it can be used more than once.

I doubt it but man wat BS.


OH and whoever has XBL lemme know so we can get a foursome(giggidy) going.

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Some of the Hero Boosts annoy me. Mainly the ones about playing a certain team for an entire map cuz most of the leaders of said team have sucky stats in defense (ie: Storm and Mr. Fantastic).


I found the cheapest way to get Penance's Hero Boost for the taking 612 damage is fighting the helicopter during the convoy mission (Pro, don't remember if there's one for Anti). Just step into the bullets from the copter since it only takes 1 damage per bullet but it takes sometime cuz of the grenades.

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