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Is there a new mame for xbox coming?


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Bender if you want to insert stuff into coinops give me a PM ive allready done alot of work or I can give you many fixes for games that dont work in current builds...that I repaired to work now. Id love to add support for powerdrift but dont have the skills and raiden fighters although only the hacked version works the rest fail on boot on HK$ version


Well you still have my msn i suppose :)


I would speak with you about mamedox and coinops.


Same thing about raiden games, fail on boot.

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One other raiden fighters "works" on HK$ Mame (i mean its load up , run in attract mode - but controllers not responding ) .


Also maybe someone could take a look at Gaiapolis :

- its hang on the opening demo but with use of password it can be played

- Its slow but if there was a way to turnoff sound it would be playable (If you turn off sound in options its hang on game boot up self test)

- also the only supported ROM is JP ver ( maybe it could be changed to E or U)

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well updates on mame are always good news so i will keep an eye on this.

this isnt a request this is just out of curiousity,would osman/cannon dancer be able to be emulated on the xbox or does the xbox not have enough under the hood for this game.

i dont know maybe this is more a core issue.

anyway bendermike keep up the good work,looking forward to this. :D

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Osman is an important request all over the forums, I'll certainly have an eye on this :)

merci beaucoup.(probably spelled wrong. :rolleyes: ).


Not at all, well spelled :)

i know a little french but not much. :)

osman does look great,apparently some of the people who made strider made this game and you can see the similarities.

its been good lately on the xbox emu scene,bendermike is working on mame,kenshiro and iq132 are working on fbaxxx and britneyspairs is constantly updating coinops.good times.

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