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Is there a new mame for xbox coming?


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new mame for xbox in the works????

Well as far as i know,it is still being worked on and there isnt any release date for it as the author bendermike is doing this when he has time.

as far as i can tell bendermike is updating the cps1,2 and neogeo drivers to a more updated version of mame and that is all i know.


all cps games are supported in MameOX, theres like hundreds of games which could be supported since the last official MameOX. I think the new versions of mame had different coding making it harder to emulate on xbox. ?? BenderX any news ??

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Any hope to add Buggy Boy support in a future release ?

buggy boy requires way to much ram to emulate so dont get your hopes up.try playing the c64 version(definitive version people say)on vice64.

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