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MySites.com Launched!

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Have you been wondering how 1Emulation has had no advertisements for over 6 months? You now have someone to thank and that is the owner of MySites.com, who made that happen for all of us. Late last year, the owner of MySites.com came in contact with me, so we could sponsor them. They have been under heavy development for the last few months and their website launched yesterday.


Today, I have the privilege to introduce you MySites.com. It embodies all the needs of Internet users in the year 2008. No longer will you have to look for a site to upload pictures and another to upload videos and another to have a blog and another to make a website. All of those capabilities and more are at MySites.com! Straight from Finland, it is here to make the lives of average Internet users easier, better, and more secure.


Join MySites.com today and create your own profile. It's all free, including 10GB of web space. It doesn't get any better than that!


If you have any feature suggestions, questions, etc. about MySites.com, please let us know by replying with your comment in this news thread. They will be reviewed by the MySites.com staff.


-> 10GB Free Webspace

---> You can upload files, movies, pictures, and music.

---> You can create your own profile, website, and blogs.

---> You can even have a buddy list with all your friends at MySites.com or have a live chat!


And so much more ... all for FREE!


»» MySites.com

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also I've just created an account, sounds like it's too good to be true.

It's the real thing, trust me.


Their site only launched yesterday and they have just begun promoting it. I've also become good friends with the owner throughout their development process. :)

If you have any more doubts, just try it out for yourself. :)


Don't forget to add "1emulation" to your buddies. You will find our MySites page, which may not seem much now, but I'm still working on it.


I also forgot to mention (and now added in the news thread) that if you have any feature suggestions, questions, etc. about MySites.com, please let us know by replying with your comment in this news thread. The MySites.com staff will review it. :)

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Checking it out now...





1. It complains about IE6, but then goes on to load the page anyway.

2. Has heaps of videos and moving things which I hate.

3. A look at the legal aspects shows you need to tell them your first and last name, which exceeds my disclosure level.

4. And if something goes wrong, the user is liable for damages.


So... I'm putting it on hold for now...

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Hey everyone!


I'll try to answer your questions :)


If you guys are registered on the site, you can add me to your buddies (rameen) and/or send me a message if you need any help, or if you just wanna send a kind word!


Drakeypoo: thanks! we made mysites for gamers and students mostly. I think most guild sites are quite poor, because it's difficult to setup a good site for free. And if you want to plan raids etc it's quite a pain too. We're preparing a forum and a calendar service, and a WoW site template, especially for the WoW users :)


Sybarite: thanks :) Not everyone uses adblock though, so I hope it helped them! The site is very real, you can try it out. There's still some bugs and things to tweak, but it's definitely on the right track :)




First of all, before answering, and it's off topic, but it's my first chance to talk to you: thanks for your work here. I really like retrogaming, emulation, etc, and I used to be quite active in such sites, so I know it's not easy to contribute every day, even when on holiday or when you're sick. You're doing a terrific contribution to the community, and I absolutely respect your work here.


That said, I wasn't surprised you'd be so thorough :)


1. Yep, we don't support IE6, and won't support it. Like you saw, that doesn't mean it doesn't work at all. You can actually view things, etc. But IE6 is a very poor browser for anything with new technology. MySites uses a lot of really fancy AJAX, so it just can't work. IE8 is coming out very soon, so IE6 will be completely discontinued then.


2. Yea, there's actually a bit for my taste too to be honest :) We wanted to make -sure- people get the idea of what it is. We're doing something quite new, so we put the cartoon, videos, slides. We'll sort that in the coming week.


3. I need to double check that. All personal information is entirely optional on the site. We may have to update that document then. Thanks for pointing this out.


4. This is the same as on any website.

This simply means that if you upload something bad, you have to take care of it. Users can use the site for legal things without any problems. Otherwise, they -may- get a complain from the owner to remove it. (same as on Youtube I believe).


A good analogy with the real world would be:

If a user buys a hard disk, and store illegal files on it, and gets found out. Who is responsible, western digital, or the user?



I hope this helps!

Please let me know if there are features you'd like implemented, or things to be tweaked :)

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Thanks for the kind words, to be honest I have no idea if my work has any effect on the community or even if anyone notices.


Just letting you know I'm using a 500mhz computer, running windows 2000, on a 256kb line. This line speed is typical for Australia, we don't get megabit speeds unless you're both lucky to live close to the exchange, and very very wealthy.


Therefore everything takes forever to load, and the less videos, flash, etc, the better.


So, as it stands, I cannot really use MySites.com, sorry to say. :)

Perhaps if affordable high-speed ever comes to exist in this country the situation may change... but i'll probably die first.

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Hehe, like how your aiming towards the masses :), but I myself consider WoW one of most un-fun MMO out there, it reminds me so much of XBL back when Halo2 was only played by 5 year olds.

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