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Hey guys,


emwearz: Are you on linux? or do you have a cpu older than 3 years old? If not, what are your computer's specs? It would help a lot.


Phoebus: Whoa, we should hire you for debugging :huh: I believe it has to do with the way we currently handle the text edition: currently if you type something in the editor, it will actually type it elsewhere, and then modify the content when you click on some action (ex: make bold). The problem is if you didn't type the text in it, it won't put all the necessary html tags in it. Which is probably why it messes up. We'll fix this!


Btw, did you guys notice we added a start page, friend updates, and social voting this week? Any things you would like us to add or fix in priority?


PS: I really appreciate the support from the 1Emu community. Thanks for the diggs

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Alright... I have registered...


I notice it says under construction in the upper left... I don't know if that has relevance to my problem... or if it's on my end or what.




Change Picture:



No permission to create item: [krosigrim] /everyone::/profiles@core::/me.jpg!


Note: I assume this is my avatar pic...


Pics run smooth... now once I finish my project.... well see how that runs off it.

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