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  1. Hey guys, emwearz: Are you on linux? or do you have a cpu older than 3 years old? If not, what are your computer's specs? It would help a lot. Phoebus: Whoa, we should hire you for debugging I believe it has to do with the way we currently handle the text edition: currently if you type something in the editor, it will actually type it elsewhere, and then modify the content when you click on some action (ex: make bold). The problem is if you didn't type the text in it, it won't put all the necessary html tags in it. Which is probably why it messes up. We'll fix this! Btw, did you guys notice we added a start page, friend updates, and social voting this week? Any things you would like us to add or fix in priority? PS: I really appreciate the support from the 1Emu community. Thanks for the diggs
  2. Thanks for the info, we're looking into it asap!
  3. Hey Robert, Yeah like I said we don't support IE6, as it's not capable of handling most of the AJAX we use. After all, it's already quite dated! Side: based on people's feedback we will remove stuff from the front page. Did you try the site otherwise? Good / bad feedback is appreciated
  4. Yeah it does! You can put anything you want on your website. Just go in the website, click edit, add a Module. Select the HTML module, and click to edit it an enter any html! The page creation tool is very nice, but we're working on making it more noob-friendly soon. That's why we call it alpha If you need any help, or you got any requests or feedback, I'd love to hear them!
  5. Hey Robert! No worries About your specs: Yeah, MySites is basically designed to run on machines less than 4 years old. We use a lot of client-side processing, for example all our services use javascript, which should in theory make the site much faster to load/render than traditional sites, except in your case :/ I had no idea the connections in Australia were like this, but I do understand why considering your country's size. Does a service like My Pictures work slowly for you as well? Try http://rameen.mypictur.es for example. I'd be curious to know how it behaves Drakeypoo: Cool! What game do you play? I just assumed WoW because it's the one most people play. I know some guys who still play Ultima Online
  6. Hey everyone! I'll try to answer your questions If you guys are registered on the site, you can add me to your buddies (rameen) and/or send me a message if you need any help, or if you just wanna send a kind word! Drakeypoo: thanks! we made mysites for gamers and students mostly. I think most guild sites are quite poor, because it's difficult to setup a good site for free. And if you want to plan raids etc it's quite a pain too. We're preparing a forum and a calendar service, and a WoW site template, especially for the WoW users Sybarite: thanks Not everyone uses adblock though, so I hope it helped them! The site is very real, you can try it out. There's still some bugs and things to tweak, but it's definitely on the right track Robert: First of all, before answering, and it's off topic, but it's my first chance to talk to you: thanks for your work here. I really like retrogaming, emulation, etc, and I used to be quite active in such sites, so I know it's not easy to contribute every day, even when on holiday or when you're sick. You're doing a terrific contribution to the community, and I absolutely respect your work here. That said, I wasn't surprised you'd be so thorough 1. Yep, we don't support IE6, and won't support it. Like you saw, that doesn't mean it doesn't work at all. You can actually view things, etc. But IE6 is a very poor browser for anything with new technology. MySites uses a lot of really fancy AJAX, so it just can't work. IE8 is coming out very soon, so IE6 will be completely discontinued then. 2. Yea, there's actually a bit for my taste too to be honest We wanted to make -sure- people get the idea of what it is. We're doing something quite new, so we put the cartoon, videos, slides. We'll sort that in the coming week. 3. I need to double check that. All personal information is entirely optional on the site. We may have to update that document then. Thanks for pointing this out. 4. This is the same as on any website. This simply means that if you upload something bad, you have to take care of it. Users can use the site for legal things without any problems. Otherwise, they -may- get a complain from the owner to remove it. (same as on Youtube I believe). A good analogy with the real world would be: If a user buys a hard disk, and store illegal files on it, and gets found out. Who is responsible, western digital, or the user? I hope this helps! Please let me know if there are features you'd like implemented, or things to be tweaked
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