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The Dark Knight


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best movie i have seen in yrs as well its going in my top 20 of all time, heath ledger as the jokers was mind blowing. tragic we wont see him reprise the role but i dont think any one would dare try to take the role after his performance.

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I didn't find any of the things Black Knight did especially detracting from the movie. I also didn't have very high expectations of the movie. I think the Joker as an "Agent of Chaos" suited the character just fine, and made for some very interesting scenes.



My biggest complaint about the movie was Two-Face. Up until the part where he died, his scenes would've made a great lead in to a sequel, but because of his death that just won't happen, so his character felt ultimately short lived. The redeeming feature to this is that it was never explicitly stated that he was dead, and I seem to remember his last scene depicting him as still breathing.


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I really enjoyed it. I felt the beginning came off with a rocky start, but it just got better and better from there. As always the Heath was amazing in this movie and I definitely thought it was his greatest performance.

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Dude... speechless, almost!



I'll try to be as vague as possible...



A lot of the story reminded me of The Long Halloween - the villains Batman dealt with, the rise of the freaks and fall of the mob, and its emphasis on how tragic a character Harvey Dent truly is.

The victims being murdered reminded me of Dark Victory, and I could totally tell that arc influenced this movie as well.

And how heartless the Joker was, how evil and destructive, and how far ahead of Batman and the police - totally The Joker's Five-Way Revenge and The Man Who Laughs. Everyone was a pawn, it was amazing, and it was all true to these characters.


I was so impressed by everything, especially Ledger. He was The Joker in The Dark Knight, no question about it. He was so terrifying it reminded me of Grant Morrison's take on the character, and what seemed like false pleas for sympathy was reminiscent of Alan Moore's Joker. These guys definitely did their homework!


And the way the bad guys are caught... it was seriously a comic on film.



I don't think Harvey Dent was killed, everyone is always left to believe that's the case with the dude in the comic books. The man is a survivor, and it's totally open for a longer run on Two Face in another film.





And besides all of this, it was probably one of the best movies I've ever seen.

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Me and my friends saw it last night, we're thinking about going again to watch it, I was just blown away at the jokers act, it was sick.


It still amazes me though, that throughout the entire movie, the joker is the king of the chessboard, and everybody, even the hero, is but a mere pawn falling victim to the desire of a madman.

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I saw it yesterday. The film was amazingly good and I recommend everyone to go see it. I do not think it was the best Batman film, but I know many will say it is. I thought the movie was a bit too long and many scenes felt like they were cut short.


Now for the analysis with spoilers:


1. I thought that the scene with Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, and Rachel Dawson, and with the Joker, was cut short after Batman saved Rachel. Why would Batman suddenly leave Joker and his men up there with all of Bruce's guests?


2. There were parts in the movie that I thought Joker basically told Batman that he knew he was Bruce Wayne. The first scene I speak of was when they were in the jail cell and Batman was interrogating him. I remember Joker saying that "You should have married Rachel ...". I may be wrong, but I thought that was the reason that Batman suddenly went ballistic and put the chair under the door. At the same time, it makes sense for him to do that because now he realizes he has to save Rachel.


The second scene where I thought Joker already knew he was Batman was when Joker called in the news station and basically stopped the Wayne enterprise worker from revealing Batman as Bruce Wayne. I thought that if Joker doesn't know who Batman is, he would want to listen to this guy's answer. Not only that, but he asked to see Batman's true face.


3. I am pretty sure Harvey Dent / Two Face is still alive for a sequel. Many said that they saw that he was still breathing in his last scene.


4. I was very disappointed with Joker's last scene in the movie. It gave us nothing. So he's suddenly dangling from a rope? It would have been better if he cut the rope with one of his knives and we see him on the ground one second and gone the other. It just seemed so inconclusive.


5. I didn't have a problem with Batman's voice. It sounded the same in Batman Begins.


6. I also thought the scene in Hong Kong when Batman takes Lau into the plane was extremely unrealistic. Couldn't the Cops or Hong Kong government shoot the plane down with such a high profile person in it?


7. In the end, why destroy the Sonar equipment when Joker is still alive?


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