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The Dark Knight


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I was looking at the list of theaters that will show it in iMax, but they are all too far away from me. Oh well, I guess I'll have to see it at a regular theater then.


I've also read that ticket sales for this movie are going through the roof with people already purchasing thousands of tickets online. It'll be interesting if it can beat Spider-Man's record. The marketing for this movie has been amazing with hidden Joker websites, to the trailers, and beautiful posters. I hope the movie will be just as delightful.

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It's funny how these blockbusters keep breaking each other's records in an age where they reckon people go to the movies less than they used to.


I'm seeing a screening on Monday (tomorrow) night. I am pumped. I hope it doesn't disappoint... I've been watching Batman Begins again and I must say it isn't all as great as I remember it :/

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I think it already has.


What do you mean? :lol:

I think I heard on E! entertainment news that presale tickets have already surpased Spiderman 3 first weekend ticket sales.

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