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Best Artist for certain characters

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I agree there!

And thanks Sykthe for I never saw Deadpool under the mask, and wow....

As i guessed he looks pretty beaten up.

WAs that due to the X-project or something?


I'm not quite too sure but I know he has a terminal illness, causing him to undergo as Weapon X volunteer. But he became a defect experiment that left him mentally unstable and that deformed face.


I had the X-Men encyclopedia book by DK and it showed there Deadpool's malformed head. He also appeared unmasked in XML2 in his AoA costume.

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The Weapon X project disfigured him. He got a duplicate healing factor of Wolverine's put in him when they promised him they could cure his cancer. Then when his healing factor wasn't working at first they deemed him a failure and sent him to Dr. Killbrew who put him through The Deadpool (where he got his name) which was a sadistic torture/experiment lab. During this Death favored him greatly in almost a romantic way that his healing factor finally started, killed Worm who he befriended out of sympathy and murdered Ajax. Then escaped and called himself Deadpool since then.


There's abit more towards his story but I don't feel like writing it.





BTW, that chair Deadpool made in that one pic is made out of symtex. He had no money cuz he wasted his entire reward against Wolverine to kill Wolverine and when he saved the world against the Skrull that he didn't get credit cuz Norman Osborn stole the information DP sent to Nick Fury.

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Nicola Scott is amazing and honestly might be the hottest artist out there right now, her work on the Secret Six is amazing. Easily my favorite artist right now...





now onto Jim Lee. Don't get me wrong, his art is beautiful but I have one problem with him, almost all of his male characters have the same face and body.

just take a look at his take on Cyclops, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent. They look exactly the same. I really like his art but at times his characters are to similar and way to roided out with muscle detail.

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you know we have all mentioned pencilers, most of what you see wouldn't look half as good with out good ink and color guys. producing a comic page is usually a 3 or 4 man job.

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Michael Turnar:








This guy... he is absolutely amazing. He is my favorite artist for everyone. I wish I kept drawing. Id like to think that my drawings would be similar to the ability I see here in the Hulk pic. But it is so amazing, I have my doubts on how good I could be. He is just so GOOD! I often drew poses like this (hulk) but damned if this isnt ridiculously good. The physique, the emotional content, the detail. Hands down... this IS the man.



I don't know man, I can't agree with you there on Turnar. Though his skill is obvious, I couldn't help but notice how f'd up Namor looks. It's as though the guy was on steroids and mainly focused on his upper torso while juicing up! Besides that, his males all have a similar androgynous look, his females are all anorexic thin (well, females in comics are too ideal looking for me as it is), everyone seems to have a slim waist expand into a bulging upper torso (just like Namor), their arm muscles seem inconsistent, and the feel is just completely unnatural. That brings me to The Hulk -- he looks absolutely grotesque. His shoulder muscles seep into his pectoral muscles incorrectly, he looks underdeveloped in his bicep in comparison to his forearm, his thighs are huge and it just doesn't match his slender waste, and his head just looks alien to his body (his cheek bones seem out of place and look like that of a slender man).

It looks nice, but it's just inconsistent.

Jim Lee... his characters all have the same face and body pretty much. It's as though no one in his world has a real distinct look.


I like John Ridgway, Mike Dringenberg, John Van Fleet, and Alex Maleev.

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