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  1. Hi GameCop, I'm still wondering if you could still host my Capcom/SNK gaming sites. I also sent you a PM. Thanks!

  2. Back for some news tidbits. I'm in the finishing stage of the Neo-Geo shrine after having a few game shrines put up. I won't be too elaborate on the other pages as of now like what I did with my Capcom site, but I'll also include a page for the list of links and a history page as well in the future. I already had a contact to host the site, so I'll keep in touch once I had the site up. When I thought I could finally reupdate more shrines for the Capcom site, another blow took place. Gamespy will cease its hosting services by the end of August. So I'll have to migrate all the files into another domain before the said date. Again, I'll keep you all posted about this. My site doesn't work in my laptop as of now, I dunno if it's also not working on others. As of now, I'll have to finish the remaining outer pages of the SNK site (some game shrines are all up) and maybe the promised portal URL to link to both Capcom and SNK sites. If all goes well, it might be up within 1-2 weeks.
  3. Hiya, I'm back for a mild update. Aside from a new intro and navi image, CvS and SvC Chaos have minor move and layout corrections while CvS2 gets a preview site. Jojo's Adventure also gets a main page (no sites/previews yet), and Rival Schools goes under the Justice Academy Anthology page along with Project Justice (no site also). I'm quite busy lately updating the Mega Man 2 Power Fighters and Capcom vs SNK 2 sites, as well as preparing a few game sites for my upcoming Neo Geo site. Till then. XD
  4. I definitely agree with you. Though SNK is infamous for various engrish, its legacy is through its huge arsenal of very good fighting games, most of which has very intricate yet detailed storylines. Even the lowly filler teams in KoF has at least a clear backstory of their participation as well as an idea of what happened to the participants during each new tournament, and even though these filler teams don't have the "official" ending, their endings somehow connect with the events for the next tourneys. Connecting the 3 Imperial Jewels into character embodiments is simply epic right off the bat, combined with a representation of a human Orochi. There is also a slideshow of the cast in YouTube, where fans based the portrait of the one to play The Lone Hungry Wolf. I have really no ill comment casting Maggie Q as Mai, despite the lack of the "must" assets. Somehow, I still find Tekken the movie to have a more apt cast.
  5. I hope there are KoF fans here, so I thought I should also bring this up. Hollywood's gonna mess up another game adaptation as well... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_King_of_Fighters_(film) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1038685/ "The King of Fighters movie will introduce a new science fiction spin into the setting established in the games’ universe by following the surviving members of three legendary fighting clans who are continually whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power," says insider blog Movieset. "As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe’s native defenders, while the force that brought them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world." To start, the plot. It centers on the 3 Sacred Treasures. The flaw: the main antagonist is NOT AN OROCHI. It would be more OK to have either at least Goenitz, the New Faces, or even Orochi himself as the main enemy but not Rugal (despite being a badass character), but that's simply getting along with the Orochi legend. As for the cast... somehow there is at least 1 representative for most of the KoF'94/'95 teams, but no Heidern (ironically, one who has a real reason to fight Rugal), Kim, Athena (is the US team negligible?). I'm still crossed fingers at Maggie Q as Mai, and casting an American as Kyo is deja vu of DragonBall Evo. Same with Ray Park as Rugal... Being quite a big fan of the Orochi arc of KoF, I have quite more rants, but feel free to fill in the rest. :@
  6. Hi guys, It's quite a while since I did my last update. Aside from the "mandatory" updates for the other older shrines, I still have at least the 2 Jojo's games to feature as well as the rest of CPS-1 games. I kinda lack resources or sprites in order to fully feature games like Black Tiger, Sidearms, and other games older than the CPS-1. As of now, besides the Capcom shrine, I'm currently drafting its "rival / sister site" for the Neo-Geo games. I'll mainly cover most of the fighting games first (since that's where SNK rules in its list of games) though I'll also feature other genres like Crossed Swords (my all-time fave SNK-ADK game), Blue's Journey, Sengoku etc. Of course aside from Samurai Shodown, KoF, AoF and FF series, obscure and underrated titles like Last Blade, World Heroes, Double Dragon, Aggressors and Breakers will be in the site. I had made my "stock" sites for some of the games a few years back and maybe if more time permits, I could combine them all like I did with my Capcom site so I could also make a portal to link both sites together and possible other game collections from Konami, Atari etc. That would be all for now. Peace out.
  7. Heya! The site hit it's 1st year, yet I'm so busy nowadays that I only managed to update Mega Man the Power Battles shrine and a few more corrections. I might not be able to update the site as often as before though expect something new every 2 weeks or so. More updates are on the way.
  8. Hi. Sorry for the very late update. I have been very busy lately for the past few weeks and I had little time to make the necessary updates. Anyway, I only managed to get Nemo updated though many corrections and minor changes have been implemented to other shrines. As for Magic Sword and Mega Man, they are some of the largest shrines that need massive overhauling, so I'll work on that albeit slowly. I hope I could do a few new shrines soon. Stay tuned for more updates on the site's 1st year.
  9. Howdy. First of all, I'm quite overwhelmed about the site's 10,000 visits (apologies for that hangover and the site's brick background fetish lately). And to "celebrate" it, I'll drop some quite "marvel-ous" updates. To start, new intro page with another homage pic. I will be deeply disappointed to whoever cannot "identify" the origin of that fake and "tweaked" still. Well, Capcom only had a small share of its comic book villains throughout the games. A new navigator image. Wide monitors 1280x800 will display the entire width of the image while 1024x768 will have the image cut by around 33% width. I also plan to change the navi image time by time, maybe monthly. Cyberbots has been updated, along with other fighting shrines I had mentioned in previous posts. X-Men Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes are combined into a single MARVEL Comics Anthology link, as well as cleanups and updates to those 2 shrines. Also, the 4 Marvel Crossover shrines have been combined into a single link page like in the SNK Crossovers. Like CvS2, the MvC2 link is still nonexistent as of now. *** That's the bunch for now. I will continue updating the rest of the Marvel Crossovers as well as any remaining completed fighting shrine before I would target the platformer shrines. I won't promise a new shrine yet since I will be busy updating as many shrines for archiving for the site's 1st year on late February. Well, I might have overlooked other updates I have not mentioned above. Till then. Enjoy the new shrine!
  10. Thanks dude. Anyway, I've not posted anything for quite some time, though I have gradually posted the wee bits of updates in the shoutbox every few days, mostly for the Street Fighter shrines. Th start, SF2 and SSF2T were more on cleaning up. The Street Fighter Alpha shrines gained most of the updates and changes. SFA3 was updated to include boss pages for arcade Balrog, Juli, and Juni. Sadly, I have no image resources for their ISM palette swaps or since unlocking them displays Bison's silhouette, as well as no gallery pics. Updates to SF 1987 and SFIII before doing shrines like Gem Fighter and Jojo's games among others soon. Thanks to all you lot for the almost 10,000 visits to the shrine within its first year.
  11. Hiya. As promised, we'll have the year closed with a semi-biggie Street Fighter update. Sort of a site milestone since technically, all Street Fighter arcs and games are featured in the site. To kick off: MAIN PAGE Yeah, I knew most of you have the hassle to scroll down this fairly long page. I have made a new SF index page complete with arc links so you can jump directly on your desired game, along with a small poster representation of each arc. STREET FIGHTER ST Reports of some move errors have been corrected, as well as slight redesigning and a few more tweaks. STREET FIGHTER EX & EX2 - Slight background redesigning - Multitudes of character pages and move lists have been updated and corrected. - Added Bloody Hokuto in SFEX, but I still have not unlocked the Cycloids, so no Cycloid Beta & Gamma pages. - Still no prerequisite list for fighting Kairi or Nanase. NEW! STREET FIGHTER EX 2 PLUS - Character pages have brief histories encompassing from EX to EX2. - I have not encountered Shadowgeist as a boss (so no EX2P portraits), though I have consistently gotten Kairi as a mid-game boss. - Practically the rest of the shrine is complete except those bosses and confirmation their prerequisites (i.e. Psycho Bison). *** Meteor Combos are quite a pain to pull off esp. if the motion is similar to a Super Combo command and sometimes the computer does not detect all 3 buttons pressed. Pullum's Meteor Combo may be extremely gay, but pulling it off against brutes like Darun, Zangief or Sagat doing an Arabian Dance is an epic win. Well, there you go. I'll be updating the various fighting shrines first by batches and maybe along with a new intro page after the new year. I am quite overwhelmed by the nearing 10000 visits within the site's first year, so I thank you all very much. A Happy New Year to all.
  12. The Day the Earth Stood Still and Yes Man. The sci-fi remake is awesome and Keanu is perfect for that blank expressionless-faced alien in a human shell. The "cliffhanger" ending just let me down a bit. 9/10. I dunno, but I see a resemblance now between Jim Carrey and Willem Dafoe. His movie does provide a good laugh. 7/10.
  13. I focus on playing one game and beating it once before playing another. After some time, I'll go back with another rerun of my previous game/s. However, there are these games that simply don't allow you to gain 100% of the stuff like FF6 (you have to choose between the Ragnarok sword or Esper, as well as choose whether to upgrade Odin to Raiden, among others). The availability of a huge roster of playable characters also gives the urge to try again the game with others like in Shining Force, Final Fantasy and X-Men Legends. Building customizable characters like in Diablo II and Neverwinter Nights can also really be a hassle esp you are going for your "perfect" character.
  14. Thanks for the notifications. I am somehow aware of some errors I had overlooked in SSFIIT. Possibly I would also update it along with EX. He might mean I had doubled the Punch button input P + P in the Tiger Uppercut command instead of 1 only.
  15. Heya. Apologies for the delayed update. I am guilty of overindulging half of the Neverwinter Nights original campaign. XD The Street Fighter EX2 shrine is now officially open. I do credit the shrine's design to Capcom Asia as well as its official art since I had a bit of difficulty in extracting the end screens of most of the characters. Maybe I'll also include the stage icons and corrections (if there are) in later updates. I had never encountered Kairi (or Nanase) as a final boss. Any tips for the requirements to face them will be quite appreciated. It seems I can only manage to complete the entire Street Fighter collection by the end of the year. So I will have to rehash the EX shrine before I would begin on the EX2+ shrine, which will be up anytime before the year ends. Anyway, I had posted a link for a video "mini-review" made for Magic Sword (it's not my video) on the shoutbox. Be sure to check it out. Too bad not many know that Capcom classic. And thanks for the more than 9000 hits of the shrine. An advanced Merry Christmas to all.
  16. I'm not quite too sure but I know he has a terminal illness, causing him to undergo as Weapon X volunteer. But he became a defect experiment that left him mentally unstable and that deformed face. I had the X-Men encyclopedia book by DK and it showed there Deadpool's malformed head. He also appeared unmasked in XML2 in his AoA costume.
  17. Based on the thread topic itself, any plans on watching The Tale of Despereaux?
  18. I just used CPS3 emulator for those with no hassles. Wow. 2 threads for the same topic.
  19. A CPS3 emulator will have all 3 SFIII games working, as well as Red Earth and the 2 Jojo's games all at once.
  20. I had my games not available for Kawaks stashed on MAME. A few of my favorites are: - any Konami beat-em-up - Gauntlet I & II - Vindicators - Sunset Riders - RoboCop 1 & 2 - Street Fighter EX series
  21. Hi guys! The update is not for SFEX as of now. I have been looking forward to see this film and compare it to its arcade game and man, it's quite an awesome adaptation considering it's in the 80s. This arcade game even appeared in South Park's The China Problem episode. To cut it short, here's a link to the film WILLOW. To anybody who haven't seen the film yet, I suggest you see that video (it's 13 parts) and then play the game to see how Capcom made a nice conversion of film-to-video game way better than how LJN does on its franchises. I have made multitudes of corrections to the shrine, most are of character names. Item descriptions and full walkthrough and shops have also been added. Enjoy! XD
  22. Heya! XD I now had the King of Dragons shrine update completed, wrapping up all the BEU updates. I might just have very very miniscule updates in the future for BEU in case there are corrections or other stuff. I will currently begin on the SFEX2 and EX2+ shrines in order to complete the SF series. If I can manage, I might as well have the Jojo shrines up so as to complete the 6 CPS3 games in the shrine. Maybe I'll have one platformer update since I will focus updating fighting shrines once again. Stay tuned.
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