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Best Artist for certain characters

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Yoshitaka Amano

To be fair, Amano only does illustrations inserts for books and the only works he's done in full have been Sandman: The Dreamhunters and The Redeemer.


Dude draws an AWESOME Wolverine and Elektra.

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Long ago, when I just started getting into comics, I also began trying my hand at drawing. I had no real style, as I was noob. Well as time passed, my skill grew. I began looking at the art in comics more and more, analyzing and referencing them. I got better. I started getting alot of compliments. And yet I still got better. All along the way, more and more stories opened up to me... It was a great age in comics and I was right in the middle of it. Artists popped up everywhere, I started paying alittle attention to other names than from Marvel. Anyway, before I start talking about the best of the best in my eye in terms of artists, let me just say that as an old school comic guy... as in knowledge of mostly marvel up until the mid 90's, I can see older artists under a different light... as most didnt have the uber flare, but their portrayal of said characters were moving: (the good ones{which was rare}) That being said... as I grew in skill, so did my tastes. I began to really appreciate amazing art in comics. It was rare, and I needed the best of the best to further my ability in drawing. Others had a special place... but some of the ones I liked, started becoming rather annoying. Once you see someones work for awhile, you can see certain things. Strengths weaknesses, patterns. I consider these too when I see an artist. But as an artist, my critiquing is really on par. I know this is all based on opinion, but... I lived this. This was my life. That being said.



Curt Swan:

Don't like him. Posturing, emotional content, overall physicality. Im not going into detail, just don't think I don't like him because he isn't drawn all muscle bound. I just don't like the art at all. Who is my favorite Superman artist? I don't know. I dont like DC. But for me, this is all about the art.


Jim lee:

I used to read alot of Xmen. Back in 92, I remember drawing this


I didn't do as well of course, but it was right when I really started to create my own style. I ended up not liking Jim Lee. Something about it, I just don't really like his work.


I hate Rob Liefeld. Everytime he draws Deadpool, he makes him always wield daggers like a Crocodile Dundee wanna-be or a satanist.

Plus his way of drawing is complete sh!t. Over proportioned bodies and muscles. Pointy as hell elbows.


See? Crap.

I AGREE!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GUY! HE IS A JOKE!!! He tries to draw muscles so much, he tries to cover his inability to draw well with them. But he fails at that too. He draws muscles that dont even exist. His posturing is waaaay off. They don't look right at all. I am editing this rant, as id go on forever.


I dunno, looks good to me.
Then you have failed.
Please be joking.

It is based on opinion... so cut him some slack. That being said... I cannot abide Rob Liefeld.


And I love Art Adams's Wolverine

17wolverineir8.gif Arthor Adams? HELL YEA!!!

This guy was my first absolute favorite. He drew alot of Amazing Spiderman when I was really into it. Ohhhh his art is great.





Who the hell drew that??? He is AMAZING!!!


I don't know much about comics but that Rob guy is terrible.


The light you have seen.

LOL indeed he has.


I know this thread was about who your favorite artist for a certain character is... And for me, it's almost the few artists whenever they dray whoever. But I must say my favorite Spiderman artist is

Mark Bagley


Only reason, I learned to draw from his work. His work was my foundation.


But I have grown. Even though I stopped drawing, my critiquing didn't. Perhaps it is on par with what I could be doing had I not stopped. And what does that mean? That the guys I like, are absolutely phenomenal. When I begin to draw again, these guys are going to be my study material. Along with many others. So what relevance does this have in the thread? OK... Whoever these guys draw, lol, are my favorite artists for said character... No Ryan that isnt cheating... hahaha


Looking through some Googles... I found My favorites, and some new ones!

Arthur Adams: My first absolute favorite. He was the second artist I notticed. Hell, I didn't know he drew DC stuff. Well, good for DC. They needed some help... lol.




Eric Larson: He was famous for Savage Dragon, but came over and Started drawing spider man as well. The 3rd artist I really noticed.

davagedragonbustyl3.jpg Thats right... he did 3D works as well. Thought Id leave this right here...


Now who do I like currently? Those mentioned before are great, but now we have some new guys who I am eager to study.


I remember seeing some great work. It was in the Marvel Civil War. I realize I keep submitting cover art, but whatever. It's the work where they really pour it on.


Michael Turnar:








This guy... he is absolutely amazing. He is my favorite artist for everyone. I wish I kept drawing. Id like to think that my drawings would be similar to the ability I see here in the Hulk pic. But it is so amazing, I have my doubts on how good I could be. He is just so GOOD! I often drew poses like this (hulk) but damned if this isnt ridiculously good. The physique, the emotional content, the detail. Hands down... this IS the man.

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