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Create your own perfect Mortal Kombat

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Following the announcement of what to me signals of the end of a decaying franchise, namely Mortal Kombat vs DC, I'm appealing to the 1emu members to create their own Mortal Kombat features and add ideas that may potentially save the franchise. This is just a discussion, not a petition or any of the sort.


I'll start.


My Mortal Kombat would be a dream match. It would contain each and every character up until MKA, including the ones from Special Forces and Mythologies. It would be a high-res 2D game. Gameplay is as follows:


1. Blocking would be mapped to the back button


2. Running would be double-tap-hold forward button


3. Complete character redesign so they don't look like palette swaps with a different stance. (think any 2D MK)


4. Special moves will be reinserted, each character will have up to 7 special moves. Parry a la SF3 is also in.


5. Doing away with 2 fighting styles per character, each character will use 1 fighting style unique to that



6. Doing away with the standard techniques available to each character (roundhouse, sweep, uppercut)


7. Button layout would be as follows: LP, LK, HP, HK, Roll, Weapon Swap.


8. Weapon combat available a la Ninja Master's (can be switched in and out of at any time, weapon can be

dropped, thrown and picked up, does not make you obscenely effective like it is in MKDA, MKD etc., however when blocking with a weapon, no chip damage occurs, and you can't pick up the other guy's weapon).


9. While you will see an increase in chip damage when blocking against a weapon-wielding opponent (and more blood), unarmed characters will have access to a weapon flipping technique (think Samurai Spirits).


10. Each character will have access to different costumes, each with up to 5 selectable palettes mapped on the first 5 buttons. The player can create up to 5 customized palettes for their character's body and special moves, which will be selectable by holding down the 6th button and pressing one of the other 5.


11. Blood and gore galore.


12. No more dial-a-fatality crap.


13. Each character has access to 3 unique fatalities, an animality, a friendship, 2 hara-kiri (1 honorable and 1 violently gory and funny) and a brutality. Stage fatalities will also be implemented. All of these will be standardized to classic motions like qfcx2+P/K. No more crazy button inputs a la Shun Goku Satsu.


14. Brutalities will be mash-dial-a-combo style. The character goes up the enemy, presses 1 button and goes into a custom combo sequence (a la SFA2/V-ISM). A bar will start decreasing in which the player has time to mash the attack buttons as much as possible. During this time the character will not attack but start tensing up and doing battle shouts. Once the bar ends the character will start the brutality sequence landing very fast blows. Massive amounts of blood and gore will ensue, and the last hit will always make the poor sap on the receiving end either explode or lose a great many chunks of his/her body. Oh, during the mash sequence you can also switch back and forth from your weapon for added style.


15. Johnny Cage's nut cracker punch will hit anyone, including women.


16. Tag mode will be available, as well as the simultaneous brutality, the tag brutality and the double brutality (2on-victim, 2on-victim-one-after-the-other, and 2on-both-victims) or any combination of brutalities, fatalities, animalities or friendships on both the receivers. (i.e. Liu Kang can befriend Scorpion, while his ally, Kung Lao can brutalize Scorpion's ally, Shang Tsung at the same time.)


17. If you think an enemy does not merit any of the special finishers stated above, weapon finishers a la Samurai Spirits Zero Special will be in (cross-torso cuts, mid-section-cuts, beheadings or vertical-body-cuts)


18. Special moves will also have a similar, more powered up version of their standard versions if performed on an opponent who is about to receive a finisher. (i.e. Tsung throws a fireball that would of normally just burned the opponent a bit, but because is about to get finished, the fireball will charbroil him instead.)


That's all for now. I've run out of ideas. I'm counting on you guys :D.

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I agree with Axl for the most part. except lose the weapons.. I dun like em.

basically make it SFIII with mk characters and fatalities. lol

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TBH, I feel the weapons are pretty much a staple of MK. Think about it, way back to MK3, characters would have combos where they'd randomly pull out of a weapon out of hammerspace and use them for 1 blow then hide them back again and continue comboing, so yeah, I wouldn't do away with the weapons.


But they went too far with MK4 onwards in this department


I'd most definitely not do what they did. As in, give you huge advantages like a gigantic range, obscene chip damage and a severely increased priority.


If any of you have played Ninja Master's, you'll know what I'm talking about :(.


I never had a problem with they way they were originally, because I know how to use them correctly.

Here's a medal... :(

We all know how to use them correctly dude... it's just overly redundant when the same job could be done better by holding back/double taping forward.

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