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+++ CoinOPS 2nd Quarter +++


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-fixed After Burner 2 for better keymap

-All midway games robotron defender jouste etc so advance and service mode and highscore clear are no longer mapped.

-Rempaed all NBA Jams for a pass, b shoot, x (or left or right tigger) turbo

-Fixed small wrapp around bug where it didnt update the list.

- Completely reworded the backend and altered all the menus for easy of use and clutter removal.

- Tested all games from CoinOPS 2nd Quarter

- Built Dats for it

- Fixed SMB shares

- Fixed Screen Tearing THIS ROCKS I hated blacktiger robocop etc having screen tearing when scrolling

- Added sort by Manfacturer

-Renamed EVERY Games name Manufacture and Year so they display neatly

- Fixed Boot progress Screen info

- Fixed "No good dump" and "Bad Dump" press any key to contiue errors.

- Support Added a 1/2 player swap code in Beta ill test it later.

- Support Added New Commandline code in Beta ill test it later.


Plus other stuff I cant remeber im sure. But its pretty much done

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Sounds like you've done alot since 2nd Quarter! :) Thanks for fixing the Williams games (& HellsFury for explaining how I was causing that issue). I know there will be no links, & the PM thing kinda got axxed...how can we find 3rd quarter upon release? Is Google my friend :P

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Seen your fixes in here BP. Good stuff.


Is the two player alternating option fix going to be added this version as well, or is that still up in the air at this point?

I am on MSN now...hit me up BP i can test right now.

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2player fixing isnt in current build as it needs time to settle it could complete scramble games so untill I get time to properly test it and properly look though all code relating to it.... it will be in Beta. I have a very stable build Id say with most to everything done at present.


The correct way to see patchs would be a list in text or xls sampled like


HYDRA hydra.c

fix to make game controllable, sensitivities defaulted to 20 from 100


After Burner afterburner.cfg

kemapped accell and decell to triggers so you can use these


PS Example only not real


and a rar file with all the fixes .I can only map 30 or so a week so not 500 of them choose wisely I guess if you have plans to do alot espec with drivers :lol: ill test those for other issues as well as the things they fix. There is so many links in mame ill have to make sure.

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