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Saying "Yep" is illegal.


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I just got pulled over for doing a 40 in a 30. Then the cop asked me if I was in any relation to my dad after looking at my liscense (me and my dad share the same name). I said "Yep!" then he caught an attitude, said I don't need to have an attitude and threatened to give me a ticket for having said attitude. Then made a big deal that I slowed done for a second when I drove past him then sped back up not knowing I did that trying to see if he was a buddy of mine on that department. Anywho. He went on and on about I don't need to drive like that when a cop is on the opposite side of the road (though he didn't say opposite side of the road just side of the road). Then thought he was proud cuz he's got a rear speed detector in his car.


He gave me a warning citation because my dad is the fire chief.

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I think that's a stupid thing to get angry over,

But u shoulda known betta...

Nearly every cop ranks themselves as judges on the road.

THey say, "Sir, Can I see your license?"

They expect , "Yes sir, you sure can."(something along those lines)


Just verbal/liberal respect for the law enforcement I guess...

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