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Asus Eee Laptop ... is it worth it?


Asus Eee  

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I gotta agree. there are way better laptops in the same price range as that. check places like tigerdirect, newegg, walmart, costco, ect.

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if u need a laptop really soon then don't get this but if u can wait then get the 8-inch version but i duuno when that's coming out

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oh and don't forget to load linux on it :D


great way to learn linux/have an efficient machine on the cheap. (If you aren't going to play any games on it, USE LINUX! Its way faster for anything desktop/work related)


EDIT: Try going to newegg, going to the laptop section. Pick a decent processor from the CPU TYPE, and then hit search, then use the price box to find something in your range. Picking the CPU type pretty much eliminates all the celeron crap. Core 2 Duos are nicer but WAY more expensive, You could easily get a Mobile Athlon 64 X2 or Turion X2 for 600.


keep in mind ram upgrades for laptops are pretty cheap too, so get a model that skimps on ram or something to save money and just buy some and your probably still saving money :)

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Yes there are better ones than that.. Even the one I got for free is better :clapping:


HP Compaq Presario

1.7GHz, 512Mb, 80Gb, DVDRW, 15.4", VHB



Presario C710TU Specifications

1.7GHz Intel Celeron M 530 Processor

1MB L2 Cache, 533MHz Front Side Bus

512Mb DDR2 RAM, 1 free slot

80Gb 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive

Super Multi 8X DVDRW with Double Layer

56Kb Modem, 10/100 Network

Wifi (802.11b/g)

15.4" WXGA BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)

Windows Vista Home Basic


It now has 1.5gig of ram :lol:

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  • 4 months later...

I was looking for topics about the EEE and this was the only one I found....so I'll bring it up again :punk:

Got an EEE (4g) today from work, and I must say I'm totally in love from the 1st moment I touched her. Yes it is really a 'she' and I think by the end of the day I will have a name for her.

You're all so negative! Ok, you can't run all the programs you're used to on this laptop, but the size (and the weight!) makes you take that for granted. I have a hell of a computer at home for the real work, but this is my baby which I'll take with me to meetings, conferences etc....And it's so easy to work with! A relief after a whole day of studying computer technics.



Is there really no one here who can add some positive words to this topic? :shootem:

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Wait till the HP Mini Note gets Atoms and then buy that. Will crap all over the EEE.


So, then I will have 2 mini's....You do't have to choose with a price like that, just get both and choose which one you will take along depending on your mood that day.



Or: I can just wait and wait and wait till somewhere in 2053 the super computer is invented :shootem:

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the new eee with atom and 10 inch screen looks tempting. I'd really like a tablet in that size and price though.

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I'm on a $600 ASUS right now, and I can play Crysis and Assasin's Creed at full speed on medium detail levels.

Take that EEE


btw why is this thread still rolling anyway?


Because I own one now and needed to share it with you :thumbsup1:

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