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The Big ass Street Fighter IV thread


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When Street Fighter II was localized in America, Capcom was afraid of a lawsuit from boxer Mike Tyson over a character with his likeness and a similar sounding name (Mike Bison)


They actually were afraid of Tyson calling Capcom.


*ring ring*

Capcom: "Who's there. This is Capcom."

Tyson. "This is Tyson. There is an issue to discuss, let me have your ear."

Capcom: "Oh my gosh, no please don't!"



Just kidding. Thx for the intel, Sir. ^_^

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It's official. No kit release (as of yet). My assumed price of 20,000~ was right. It's 23,000 USD for FOUR cabinets. Costing about $7000~ a piece. CAPCOM and Taito aren't offering a kit for owners, which leads to believe it's using different X2 specs then the other games. Also, SF4 will only come out in sets of FOUR P1 CABINETS only. Import only as well, as both CAPCOM and Taito don't have World Wide nor American distributions for SF4 and the Viewlix cabs.


They are only offering FOUR 1P cabs that are all for connectable LAN setup, with 6 Button harness.


KOF98UM however, will be sold with either 2P Viewlix and Kit. Which is lead to believe that it also uses a different specs for it's X2.


Type X2s aren't user upgradable due to warrenty issues. So if you want a game, have to make sure it's compatible with your X2 for it too work or else your out of luck.

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misplaced the link but there are some new shots with cleaner looking characters, the cell shading is darker, kens gi looks better, ryu's face looks better, ect. just looks like they are continuing to tighten up the graphics.

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for some reason new characters to the street fighter universe always seem "out of place" very few really seem to fit in with the exception of the alpha characters and Cammy. the new SFIV characters seem really weird but who knows. maybe someday we will learn to love em. lol. Anyways you chose 2 of the lamest screenies to post, the other ones don't look so bad. I like the art style more and more every time I see it.



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