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Are you still with me, in 1EmuAdventure  

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Okay! Nearing the half of Volume 2, so how many of you readers are still with me?!

Btw, pLz dont look at this as "Shoma is fishing for admiration" or what-not.

Ever since the first volume I've been curious as to who's been reading,

I know Yagami, Mooney and DIso have been darn into it and others (I know who u r).


Either way, I gonna finish this volume, cuz its tacky to start something and then just dont finish it.

BUt let me know how ya feel! :afro:

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"I'm slowly losing interest", I don't see something funny

YOu know, I noticed that, Im trying to throw a pinch of comedy in it but there are soo many diff point of views on what is "funny," that I just figured I would come off corny.

I kind of tried to throw some in there with Yagami and Samurai Edge but i think i failed^^.

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