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Censor filter: Stay or go?

Censors on the forum...  

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I voted no.


We have plenty of younger members here, that I would not like to grow accustomed to foul language. This is a gaming/emulation forum, not a generalized forum or a rant-house for 1 specific topic like cars or whatnot and our audience varies FAR more in age than most anything else.


We need to keep it clean here, I wouldn't want my daughter on here if it was no-holds-barred. (Mind you she's only 2 right now, but you get the point) The censoring even affects me, and I just put up with it unless I REALLY need to stress a point (At this point, you've thought before you typed) and use different characters to get around it to make my point.


Vehemently NO


P.S. We do have users under 13 here, and you are aware that content filters and parental controls would cause us to lose potential long-term users who might otherwise contribute something worthwhile here, simply because when they were younger the aforementioned kept them from even viewing our site?

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I voted eitherway.


Because eitherway KIDS these days ARE going to learn it ANYways. And people who know me IRL know that I sware alot, along with nigga.

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Personally I don't want censorship. But even if the admins don't want to remove it, I don't care, it will not be a problem for me. Most of the forums I visit have censorships.

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I'm against censorship of any kind. I don't think words can be bad. Words are words, there's no reason to get offended by them. flock, I almost want to make a bunch of signs that just say flock on them and hang them up around town, like some kind of protest.

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