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Anyone play Sonic?


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Sonic CD is clearly the 'best'. The end.


I still need to try that game out... it's really that good huh?


its decent, not the best


IIRC it was consistently voted better than the other Sonic games at the time of it's release.


Truthfully, it doesn't play any better than 2 or 3 but more and longer levels (50), the past/future gimmick, new bonus stages and much better soundtrack (Jap one is preferred as US music was changed) due to CD media. The only flaw is that the spin can't be charged a la Sonic 2, but overall I think it's classic 2D Sonic fare.


I have it for Xbox as part of Sonic Mega Collection, I'm assuming it's on PS2 too.

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Sonic CD is clearly the 'best'. The end.


Sonic CD is not the best.


Its gameplay is loose and unrefined when compared to either Sonic 1 or 2. Controls are less responsive. Its visual style is incoherent. Level design is just plain bad, and for a series like Sonic its boss encounters seem like they were conceived over lunch. The most interesting part was the time traveling mechanic, but even it really was just a gimmick and didn't go anywhere or affect much of anything. The soundtrack was a redeeming feature but with all the ports and emulation I can't even remember which region's it was that I liked.


In all Sonic CD was hyped up then and even now simply because it was a Mega CD game. Not many people had played it back then, and now people still talk it up into something it isn't for its relative rarity alone. Where Sonic 2 and 3 are tight evolutions of Sonic 1, Sonic CD just feels like it took the first game, raped it in the ass, and then whacked itself straight onto the disc.


For years I wondered what I had missed out on. Now I wish I had left this game unplayed. That way there's still be some mysterious appeal to it. Now I just pretend it didn't exist.

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I prefer Sonic 2 over any others, but when it comes to the 3D ones I have to say they pretty much suck.

Sonic Adventure 1+2 are terribly done and tie Sonic to the stupid cartoon too much in terms of look. And the controls ruin EVERYTHING. Oh and don't get me started on the VERY retarded voice acting.

Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn version) is better FFS.

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