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ElSemi's CPS3 Emulator Preview Test Version


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ElSemi released the preview version his new CPS-3 emulator.


This is a preview version of my CPS3 emulator. Here you

can see the current work-in-progress state of the emulation.


There are still a lot of missing features to emulate properly

so don't report any emulation errors yet. The missing features

include (and the effect caused by them missing) :


Sprite Zoom: you'll see the sprite tiles (squares) not being properly aligned or with gaps

Fullscreen Zoom: Sometimes it seems like the camera is not pointing to the action

Per-tile palette selection: some colors (a lot in some games) are wrong

Priorities: objects that are over the background when they should appear behind

Linescroll: Floor 3D effect missing. SF32ndi scrolling letters in intro missing.

Linezoom: I don't know where is it used :naughty:


* CPS3 Emulator Test Version. This package includes both the normal and MultiCPU versions exes.

Get it here.


Supported games are the six CPS-3 titles:


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future

Jojo's Venture / Jojo no Kimyouna no Bouken

Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future

Street Fighter III: New Generation

Warzard / Red Earth

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Works well :P But seems to use more CPU power than my Mame build does.



I'd like to try your MAME build...


PS: now i can die a happy man :naughty:

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Just got the chance to try it out -- and WOW! I wasn't expecting it to run at (what appears to be) 100% speed on my little computer. This is absolutely amazing -- now I can finally enjoy SFIII3S at home. Below are my computer specs...




My video card is an ATi Radeon 9200 PRO (128MB).

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