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  1. if this continues,it will prove that a fad don't last long.
  2. you mean gif images....?? www.fightersgeneration.com
  3. avidemux is a freeware that can do that get it here http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/download.html if you have a linux installation -cat file1.avi file2.avi >file.avi -then get "mencoder" $mencoder -forceidx -ovc copy -oac copy file.avi -o joinedfile.avi
  4. there is a bug in sdlmame....no sound if you choose the option "load another game" from the in game menu where do i report this
  5. hey man,i went to your youtube channel and i cant see the links on top..like videos | favorites | playlist etc.
  6. has anybody tried this..the ubi account was free at least
  7. oh i had a list of fav sites that i went to but they are not providing the Nintendo roms anymore..Google searches are worthless cause they take you to these sites which ask you to vote for them in loop
  8. that reminds me,how come it has suddenly become really tough to download SNES games from rom sites they all say that it is forbidden to be shared.I think Nintendo folks did something.
  9. hey, has anyone of you actually finished the game in hard getting the "escape" ending.i've tried everything i walked all the way back to the forest world to get the --pickaxe of despair-- .healed Eileen Galvin with three candles...still i can't beat Walter before Eileen walks to her doom...the walkthrough says you can, but again some other walkthrough said that you can defeat Xaero in nightmare
  10. you forgot image manipulation-GIMP http://www.gimp.org/
  11. how about the powerpuff girls ..they could be just like ken ryu and akuma in marvel vs capcom
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