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Anyone know of any Inexpensive places i can repair this TV Screen...Long Story dont Ask.


And by inexpensive i mean, i called Samsung and they said 1000-1500 bucks to fix (Which is more then the damn TV)



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Trust me, you're better off throwing it in the garbage.

Anywhere you take it, a replacement screen will cost you more than buying a whole TV new, it's been that way since the dawn of the televisions.


Reason being, selling an individual unit costs more than selling 1000 of them. Then, if you aren't going to do the work yourself, add that cost on.

I would do you the favour of purchasing the backlight and logic board from you however. I do alot of wierd things and my wife would *sarcasm on* love another thing laying around. *sarcasm off*

Otherwise I would suggest Ebaying it as a parts unit.


Oh yeah, and I call "Wiimote" on you. The impact mark on the screen fits the Wiimote profile to a T!

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daayum.. I only saw broken windows but this.. this is rediculous. The door reason for this little incident is bs.. you purposely had the monitor next to the door? com on, just come clean already.. you just can't handle the truth can you (prolly a stupid accident?).. until then, I'm still leaning toward cinder's theory.

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