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Actually... about tattoos, there are spots that are more sensitive than others. I hear the small of the back (tramp stamps) are particularly painful. Other areas tend to have more flesh under the skin. I do not have tattoos, but know a few that do. Just depends on where. I'm sure Plot had a few areas on that tattoo, that kinka hurt, where others were cake.


Tattoos are also addictive. Usually I hear, "I'm thinking about getting another one" Inky, you tatted up right? How many do you have again? Have you posted them?

I think I am at around 40 individual tattoos. I've never posted em up here, but some are visible in the pic I posted awhile back. as for painful spots. from personal experience inside wrist, inside bicep, ribs elbow, shins and "the ditch" (the part of your arm opposite the elbow, where your arm bends.) hurt quite a bit. biceps, forearms, calfs don't hurt at all. my wife said the back of her neck didn't hurt, but she was pretty wasted lol. A friend who has teh backs of his hands and feet done says it was basically the most painful thing he had ever experienced.

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Well you could sit him on your lap, and search youtube for cartoon clips. Go find some Gummy Bears or Duck Tales.... better yet, get 'em from a torrent, then the quality will be better. Then the next time this happens, you can be prepared and watch some bad ass old school cartoons with the kid! Ca'mon man... get on it!

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You moved from yank land to england or are you on holdiay returning home?

I'm New York born and raised, so I'm a yank whose just moved to England.:D I'm getting married next month to Refraction's sister (Refraction is a developer for PCSX2). It's gonna take some time getting used to living here, that's for sure, but I'm glad to be here.:)


I couldn't resist (maybe it's the yank in me ;)), but here's a pic on my new street with a shot of a car's plate behind me. :mad:



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