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Starcraft II

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starcraft 2 will blow away C&C3 :thumbsup1: and will require a good pc haha


Considering the obscene amount of time and money Blizzard can afford to throw at a project, it blowing away an EA cash-in should come as no surprise.


I second that. C&C 3 is fun and all, but not as fun as the old ones. Besides you gotta hate the rush to mass build mammoth tanks/avatars/tripods and all that. C&C 3 has a very rudimentary rock paper scissor system, and it fails because all you do is build the biggest guns out there.


And I also think they've been producing this game for alot longer than they might like to say. I mean, those gameplay vids looked pretty complete-ish. I do hope they keep most if not all the units from SC1 although I know Dragoons have been replaced by Immortals and Shuttles by Phase Prisms. I mean, stealth dark templars ftw.

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I really hope it will run on a non-DX10 graphics card. Even if its missing some effects. Seems like overkill if it is DX10 required for a RTS game. Also I would hate to have to upgrade for one game. Their website is vague, but gives me hope that they'll keep us gamers who haven't upgraded very often since the original Starcraft in mind.

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I miss carriers.


Not sure how I feel about 'god' units.


Carriers will be back- I'd stake everything I've got on it. Hydralisks weren't shown either, and there is no way you can have a StarCraft game without those guys. The only units that are officially retired are Protoss Dragoons and Shuttles.

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