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  1. F2bnp

    Need HELP!

    your router isn't identified by DS that's all...Same here :'(
  2. Stephen I have sent you a PM,plz answer it.I know u have work to do now with the nds test apps but if you can a afford a little time in my problem I would be really appreciated.
  3. How are you doing Stephen?Any progress?Plz check your pms.
  4. F2bnp

    Please help me

    Have you created a joystick in PPjoy? If not do it as the readme says.
  5. Well I will be saving my money and in 1 year I will buy a new PC.Currently I have a Low end PC with an P4 2.8,1 gb ram 333 mhz and my 7600 gs in AGP.
  6. Seems that in less than 8 hours of play you will have completed it.
  7. Ok here you are Stephen.I've got the info you want in these pics.If you need anything else just pm me.
  8. Another user here had exactly the same problem,no one answered him though.Tommorow I will take some screenshots to show you my settings and I will explain you step to step what I did. EDIT I'm having some problems here so it might take a while.
  9. I'm really looking forward to this!Starcraft is the best strategy game for me.
  10. Thanks Stephen I will try.But I can't do it right now,I'm formating and it might take a while to fix things here.By Sunday I will have updated my status on the problem.
  11. What do you mean? Just a spammer posting links that are against the rules... pay no attention to him. Anyway, I think the people in this thread were having the same problem as you, and I think they found a solution. Check it out. I just can't understand what they are talking about.I only understand they took the source code and fixed a bug.Well I'll wait for Stephen to solve my problem.I have the original DS(phat). EDIT On now i've got some progress.I put network authentication to OPEN and with win2DS I managed to get to the waiting screen after the password.But then nothing happens.Also official games won't connect to WFC when put to OPEN. What now?Stephen I really need your help in this.
  12. Hello,I'm a newbie with dswifi and I need your help.Today I transformed my Wi-Fi USB Connector in soft AP in order to use homebrew with dswifi such as ds2key,win2ds,beup...I followed this guide: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=75...sc&start=15 Although the programs find my access point they stuck in authenticating for a while and then they say they can't connect.Official wifi games work perfectly.What should I do? EDIT Forgot to say I've got m3 simply.
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