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What song would you play at your funeral?

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Fly Me to The Moon.


I hate that song.



Spieluhr by Rammstein. Why a Rammstein song at a funeral? Listen to it and see.



Blue Eyes singing? You hate him? >_>


I would also prefer maybe any awesome Beatles song.

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It's the music that plays in this clip:

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Then yes I have heard it :P

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I'd have the entire Dark Side of the Moon played?
Gun's n' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

These 2 are by far the greatest of the thread.



As for me, I think I'd play all Radiohead albums known to man, ending with The Bends and "Street Spirit."





Or Freebird :v

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Dragonforce - Through the fire and the flames


Nah I'm just joking


I'll probably want RHCP - Dosed or something.

But then again, I don't recall ever hearing music to any funerals I've been to.

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