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is it just me or...............

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.......there isn't much great releases coming for PSP in coming months?


The only games I am looking forward to are Monster Hunter 2, Metal Slug and DJ MAX Portable 2.

Man, where are all the good games?


Last few months have been awesome for PSP with great games after games coming out almost every 2 weeks. GTA VCS, Tekken, Killzone, Metal Gear PO, GNG, Lumines 2.


Can't stand the quietness!

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Just find some good video podcasts to keep you occupied or get some vids from google...dunno why but i enjoy watching videos more on psp than a computer :D


I been watching all my Bleach animes from PSP too :P


Death Jr. 2 is coming out soon :huh:

Really really NOT interested in this game :D

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2007 is gonna be Final Fantasy season for the PSP, if youre into that. Crisis Core, then The Lion War then anniversary editions of FFI & II.


Apart from those, there are still the rumoured Soulcalibur, Gran Turismo and Devil May Cry PSP versions. Metal Slug has been delayed for the 11th time :/ to March. Silent Hill is set for a Q3 release and Castlevania Rondo of Blood is rumoured.


But hey, yeh, I agree. The PSP is going through a really long drought of releases. That is really what's killing the system.

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Completly forget about those FInal Fantasy ports.


But they are not coming for some times yet so doesn't help much.


I think I go get myself the Sega Genesis Compilation in the meantime. :D

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