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What Anime Series are you currently Watching?


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Doing Ah! My goddess at the moment. Liking it so far.


hEY.... did you see the Classic Ovas ? I really loved this because it was kinda first Japanese Animation I got... I mean... I just limited myself to see those which were broadcasted on TV... and then I just though about learn English at the same time I had some fun with those cartoons... (english subtitles, japanese dub,,,, --> Spanish native speaker,,, you get it right?). I also considered el Hazard very similar with Ah my goddess in terms of character design... looked really "hand-drawn" style... I really appreciate that....




In fact... I just watched the TV version of El Hazard... now I need to watch the rest of Ovas,,,



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I started watching Hell Girl tonite.


It was on IFC. I'm downloading them now and it seems like an anime twist on the twilight zone. Different characters each episode so far that I've seen.




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The series at the moment since my friend has them on dvd...trying to get him to bring the OVA back with him when he goes home again...


The series is good but the ending is open. Watch the Ultimate OVA's right after you see the series. They are Incredible!

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