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Would you Rather.....?


Would You Rather.....?  

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OMG dude that is a hardcore question!!!!


I can't deal with making this descision lol


I watch TV over playing video games, but sometimes have music on, and tv will i net surf :twisted:


gonna pick............


Music TV

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Todays music sucks..... plus you cant get over 100 channels for both using sight and hearing. Watch TV definately.
I'll make the presumption that you are not in the UK then. I have a grand total of 4 channels and would pick a good book over TV or Music, I would also choose film over them as well.
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without my musical instruments
Playing music is very diffrent to listening too it, or watching TV. Active over passive is a life style question rather than prefrence, perhaps! Adding to that however, I must confess to only being able to play a splash of piano and a few tunes on guitar.
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