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is the forum still being hacked?

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This isn't an idea, but since i know that the forum had previously been attacked, sometimes i get items in the url such as " s=(encryption key) " [i hid the key in case it's important] and i just wanted to confirm, that it wasn't another hack attempt, as the S=encryption serves no real purpose, i can just remove it, and press enter and i'll still go to the url i want.


so what gives? is this a security measure implemented that acts at random, or is this another hack attempt?

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but i DO have cookies installed.

so what gives?

Hrm not sure maybe something setup incorrectly in your browser. I never get the session ID numbers with Firefox or IE.


Neither do I, I only ever saw SID's on here when I lost my Windows profile and had to create a new one (Thus losing my Firefox settings, which included allowing cookies for this site). Haven't seen it since.

Your cookies aren't setup properly, or your firewall is being strange.

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