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Who is guilty?



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Everything started with the stupidity of the Human Nature.


Every problems were origined by us



That pretty much sums up what I think too. I mean not every problem but most of the problems we have today.


I think that man's quest and thirst for power has ultimately made the world an occasionally horrible place to live. I suppose it's part of that whole tribal instinct where everyone wants to be top of the pile.


I also think anyone who seriously blames rap, rock, punk, movies, games or any other kind of art/entertainment form as a contributing factor to the state of our world is being really naive. When some kid walks into a school and shoots everyone, you can't blame Marylin Manson. Or when some 18 year old joyrides and kills someone on the street you can't blame Grand Theft Auto. In the end there is always a bigger picture than most of these "moral crusaders" actually could stretch thier mind to see. People always want to accuse the easy target though, rather than actually tackle the real source of the problems.


Anyway sorry about the rant. I'm done my lovelies :roll:

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i still don´t understand, guilty of what?

i just can say one thing for sure, we always like to blame other people for our own mistakes, we never asume our responsibility so i guess even not knowing guilty of what, we humans surely are

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Hrm. Guilty for Life?


Its can be only Human Nature. It is in our own nature to try to be in power. Meaning that means we always try to degrade or kill someone just to obtain it. However, those actions mean lead to dire consequences.


Take a fat kid for example.


He has been humiliated for life even by the lowest possible scum. People know he can get angry very easily and is capable of killing, but they dont care because its school. The very next day, the fat kid takes a gun to school to take revenge on people. And the victim's parents sue the fat kid's parents for money.


The world is a violent and dangerous place to live. Our own hunger for Greed and Power leads to death and destruction. We can't hide it, but we can try to prevent it.


This is why some people are trying to acheive world peace. However, that will never happen because some idiot yearning for publicity will kill someone from another country or even in their own country. That will consquence into hopefully justice, or it may result into a war slaying millions.


Human nature is evil and theres really not much we can do to stop it :lol:

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Define evil.


I think human's in general are still in the early stages of development. One day we will establish ourselves as a world united and stop looking at each other as the enemy. Not in my lifetime though, and probably not in my childrens either.


::Spoken like a true Star Trek Fan::

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hmmmmmmmm not i don´t think it is about power, ok human nature is kind of evil, even romans knew that: homo ominis lupus, it means the man is his own wolf but if you think about it you will arrive to the conclusion that everything is up to us, we shape our own destiny, and not everyone is greed or evil, it is up to everyone if us to make the world a better place, so what are you waiting for?¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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