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Yes, King of Fighters XI IS playable on PCSX2!


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Yeah, their site did say something about near-fullspeed emulation... :clapping:


Level UP! - Erm Speed UP!

[ Posted by CKemu 22:46 on 26 06 2006 ]

In a previous news post we 'hinted' at work being done by zerofrog with regards to a new eeREC (Emotion Engine Recompiler) and vuREC (Vector Unit Recompiler (VU0 and VU1)).


The goal of this complete rewrite is to increase speed, whilst at the same time improve, or atleast maintain current compatibility.


This rewrite has been going on for sometime now, and is starting to truly show fascinating results, many games now run up to 4x faster, an example of this would be Sonic Riders - previous betas ran at 3.x to 12.x FPS whilst racing, it now runs at 12.x to 35.x FPS


Testing and bug chasing continues, meanwhile a thread has been created for testers and developers to demonstrate - in screenshot form some of these speed increases. Take carefull note of the CPU specification given in the post, for instance Refraction can get significantly faster speeds than myself :blink:

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KOF XI looks pretty by the way, and it is smooth.

I think it's been long since I saw an SNK game that polished (I think, 1999?).


The addition of new backgrounds for the PS2 version wasn't really nescesary (they're not bad though)... it's the backgrounds of the original arcade version that really stand out.

In fact, all of the extra's put into the ps2 release I consider quite unnescesary. the game's good enough to not need it.

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